The Art of Fanart; Emudoru

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Obelisk the fucking tormentor

mother fucking Obelisk the Tormentor! Kaiba’s god for a while in battle city of Yugioh.

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A Nostalgic Journey Backwards: Toradora

For absolutely no apparent reason, I have begun to re-watch old shows of the past. Although, not old as in pre-2000 year anime, but shows that I’ve seen very early or nearly at the beginning of my time actually watching this medium in a more serious way than others. There isn’t much to be accomplished by going back and watching something you’ve already seen, except for piling more shows to watch on your backlog, but I’d rather suffer that “terrible fate,” and go back and enjoy something I know I did long ago. It’s disappointing to say though, that one becomes just a little more jaded over time, and he can’t exactly “watch something for the first time again.” But nonetheless, it’s something I enjoy to do, and I’ll try and find something to talk about with each.
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The Art of Fanart; Rifyu’s Madoka Magica

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madoka magica comic number 1

You remember that moving scene where Sayaka convinces herself what she wants to wish for? Ya…this isn’t like that

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Pink Evangelions GALORE!

Eva 3.0 (Quickening) comes out in Japan on November 17. We won’t see it subbed for months, but in the meantime, here’s a new trailer to cream your pants over.


Persona Music Words of Soul: Lotus Juice

What you see above is the man whose voice is heard across the world by millions of people. A voice known for the popular franchise Persona, whose responsible for majority of the soundtrack. Doing vocals and writing lyrics alongside Persona Music director Shoji Meguro. Popular among works like Mass Destruction, Deep Destruction and Burn my Dread and many more inside the game and anime soundtracks. His name started becoming known around 2005, but mainly for the Persona 3 soundtrack. I believe Lotus Juice fame should be expanded outside of the Persona universe. As from the title of the post and reading Persona, you know this man is involved in the Anime and gaming industry. But this man is more than any other Rapper. Probably one of the most unique I heard from the Japanese Hip-hop crowd. I’ll be stating on why you should give listening to him; if you haven’t. Read more of this post

Sukitte Ii na yo Episode 2 – I like big tits, and I cannot lie

I’m starting to take a vast interest in the characters of Sukitte. I’m starting to see personalities in characters that I wouldn’t expect in a shoujo romance. Take this guy for example, Kenji. He is the Andy W. Hol of Sukitte. But instead of having a diehard love for holes (no not those holes you perverts), his focus of attention is on them big titties. Anyone who watches enough anime will come to see that this is not an uncommon occurrence. But it is a bit of an uncommon occurrence when dealing with shoujo romances and the like. I would find this sort of situation to be a bit off putting if it hadn’t been handled properly the way that Sukitte has. Plus Kenji ends up with the apple of his eye within the first two episodes. Thank god they aren’t the main couple or this may end up like Bokura ga Ita.

Actually this would make him less like Andy W. Hol. Because being Andy is suffering.

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Start To Finish: Chocotto Sister – First Impressions

Name: Chocotto Sister
Studio/Director: Nomad/Yasuhiro Kuroda
Year: 2006
Wiki, AniDB
Subs: Retrofit
Episodes Seen: 2

An anime about little sisters? Yes, please.

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Sukitte Ii na yo Episode 1- Shoujos are all the same

So I’m going to jump on the weekly anime blogging bandwagon. And what better way for me to start off than by blogging about a show in the genre that is practically my bread and butter: shoujo romances.

I guess this is the part of the post where I say something quirky or ironic to describe this episode of the show and give a general feel of how I felt about it, right? Is that how this works? Well, I must say there was a lack of sparkles/bubbles/flowers in this first episode than what I’m used to in other shoujos I’ve been exposed to. That was literally the only sparkle I saw the entire first episode. Get with the game Sukitte Ii na yo.

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Anime Weekend Atlanta 2012 Preview

Yup. It’s that time of the year once again. This Friday I will be attending Anime Weekend Atlanta once again. There will be many new faces to meet this year and also some returning ones as well. And let’s not forget the endless number of panels to attend, anime screenings to watch, merchandise to buy, cosplayers to photograph, and everything else in between. After printing off 20 pages worth of stuff to do at this year’s AWA, I have formulated a very tight schedule that I will try oh so hard to attend to. So here is my run down of all that I will be doing at this year’s AWA.

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Anime Afterlife Podcast Episode 39: The Reboot Show

Hey, we’re back. Kinda. Sorta. Anyway listen to this. Anime Afterlife Podcast hosts, DavetheZombie, Vensito, King of Hearts, and Gabe try to reboot the show after a long hiatus. We talk about a bunch of stuff including spoilers for the mangas, Nisekoi, Beelzebub, and Yamada-kun and the seven witches.

Download here: Anime Afterlife Podcast Episode 39: The Reboot Show

Listen here: