>Falling back into anime

>So the fall list of anime this year was released not too long ago. I had a good look at the ones coming out and I must say I’m pretty excited. This last season of anime wasn’t so great with mediocre shows like Shukufuku and Seitokai Yakuindomo, and only a few gems had caught my interests like Occult Academy and Shiki. Taking a look what the fall has to offer…

Star Driver Radiant Takuto

A mech found underground at an island, kid discovers it, and is now on the run from some sort of military organization. At first glance, it looks like an ordinary mech anime with said ordinary male character to save said world. I could be wrong in many ways, but I don’t anticipate too much from this anyhow. What pops out most to me is that this is being produced by Bones which has quite a lot of shows such as Soul Eater, Eureka 7, and Full Metal Alchemist. I’m willing to give this a try anyhow, and I hope this will change my view on it so far.

Anticipation level: Moderately-low

Iron Man

See, now this looks cool. I haven’t always been a fan of Iron Man, but ever since the live action movies with Downey Jr. have been released, I now consider the hero to be one of my favorites. From what I’ve seen from the previews of the anime, it looks sleek and fluidly animated. I could definitely tell they’re putting a great deal of effort into animating those details. The fact that this is also produced by Madhouse (who has produced a ton of animes, such as Chobits, Vampire Hunter D and even the most talked about show of the summer, High School of the Dead) keeps me even more intrigued. I’m well looking forward to this adaptation and hope that this will not disappoint.

Anticipation level: High

Panty and Stocking

Ok, this looks like if Bratz was made into anime. Perhaps it’s the exaggerated body proportions that give me this awkward feeling the bottom of my stomach. From the synopsis, they’re two angels who are supposedly sent to fight ghosts on earth. So uh….yeano. In my eyes, that’s just a recipe for typical shoujo anime.

Anticipation level: Very low

Psychic Detective Yakumo

I’m sorry, but it looks like he has a geass in his eye. From the a short synopsis, he uses that eye to see ghosts and spirits, and his objective is to bring those spirits to peace. Can’t say I haven’t heard that before, but this could be interesting nonetheless.

Anticipation level: Moderate


Girl travels to Tokyo to become illustrator and moves into an apartment full of forbid men, yet one day, a mysterious woman decides to stay at her room. Another interesting looking show, but can’t say too much on it yet. Apparently, it sounds like a reverse harem which isn’t all too common these days. The last reverse harem I actually saw was Ouran High School Host Club (which I thought was absolutely great by the way). But a reverse harem could be a nice change of pace from those ordinary harems.

Anticipation: Moderate


Two skilled artists combine skills to become mangakas. I know quite a lot of people are anticipating this show after reading the manga, but I myself, am not too keen on it. Why? For one reason. The bakuman manga is by the same creator of Death Note. Death note’s story and characters just bothered me to no end and I grew to just plain hating it. I know I’m among a minority when I say these things, but this is what I truly feel. Bakuman’s anime could certainly different and maybe I will like it mountains more than death note. But we’ll see.

Anticipation level: Moderate

Letter Bee Reverse

Another series I should probably look into soon. The concept itself has got me raising eyebrows: The sun suddenly disappearing, and the man in the picture wants to be an underground “Letter Bee”, delivering mail underground. Supposedly, there is a 1st season that I completely missed. I shall get on it soon!

Anticipation level: Moderately-high

Togainu no Chi

So BL aside, this could be pretty cool. The third world war has occured and a man caught in a between a criminal organization that has taken over the former city of Tokyo. Pretty captivating synopsis and neat concept. This could definitely be worth watching, just as long as they decide to focus on the story and not the BL.

Anticipation level: Moderately- high

Soredemo Machi Wa Mawatteiru

An anime based on a girl being a maid and has hopes to be a detective? Eh, sure, why not. The true eye-catcher for me, however, is that this is being produced by Shaft, which I know excels in their animation styles and stories. Their most notable works were Arakawa: Under the Bridge, Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei, and Bakemonogatari. This certainly has potential to be a good show.

Anticipation level: Moderate

Shinryaku ika Musume

Squid girl invading mankind to reduce pollution in sea. Honestly, it sounds like a direct copy of Kannagi, but sea-based this time around. Not too keen on watching a pro-environmentalist anime, and apparently sounding like something to teach kids the lessons about saving the environment or some shit. Anyone who doesn’t already throw away their trash, should be kicked off the Earth and save us the trouble of picking up your garbage. Assholes.

Anticipation level: Low

Arakawa: Under the Bridge 2

YES YES YES. Although it’s a bit early for a 2nd season, I do love me some Arakawa. The first season had me laughing a lot and I loved the unique characters in the show, especially the man with the starfish head. The comedy is nearly top par, and the show is executed so well, it became one of my favorite spring shows this year. This will certainly be among my most anticipated shows of the season.

Anticipation level: VERY high

Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls

Samurai girls fighting bad guys. Eh, I’ll pass.

Anticipation level: Low

The World God Only Knows

A boy meets devil and is asked to find spirits hidden in the hearts of women. Could be a cool show. I’ve heard ven and king rave on how much they like the manga so this could certainly be a good show. I should probably get on reading the manga myself.

Anticipation level: Moderate

Otome Youkai Zakuro

Otome is revolved around this fox-eared girl who hopes to achieve interracial understanding with human soldiers. I haven’t seen too many historical based animes, but this could pretty unique one. The whole interracial issue isn’t exactly an area that’s been fully discovered, so this certainly has potential.

Anticipation level: Moderate

Yosuge no Sora

Twins move in with grandfather and reunite with old friends. Pretty simple concept. To me, it sounds like your ordinary twincest show where the two relatives fall in love with one another, friends and family either shun them or accept it. Either way, they still end up together. Probably will pass on this one too.

Anticipation: Low

A certain magical index 2

Set in the world where science and magic co-exist, main guy, Touma lives with Index, and is caught in many different supernatural events. I think I speak for many of us when I say, “FINALLY!”. It’s been quite awhile since the 1st season, and many things were left off a cliffhanger. I certainly loved how unique and exciting the 1st season was, and I bet this 2nd season will be no different. I hope to see Misaka and Touma reach higher levels of a relationship and Touma punching the shit out of people with his Magic-cancelling hand. Possibly my most anticipated show of the fall.

Anticipation level: Higher than Mt. Everest.

Sora no Otoshimono Forte

Middle school boy discovers an angel name Ikaros who decides to serve under him. I watched the first season of the show on a whim, not expecting much, but I was fairy surprised how comedic this was. I absolutely hated the main character for all his pervertedness and selfish acts, and even worse was that these girls fell in love with him. That aside, I enjoyed the surprising twists in the show, where Ikaros who’s not who she appears to be. I can’t say I desperately desired a 2nd season, but it could well be worth watching for the funny moments.

Anticipation level: Moderate

My little sister can’t be this cute

High School guy has a younger sister who is an otaku. Potentially interesting, but haven’t read too into it. I know ven also reads this one and seems to enjoy it. Probably will be one near among my lower priorities to watch.

Anticipation level: Moderate


High School boy discovers his masochist side, and attempt to hide it from his crush. Now this here is a unique sounding character. There haven’t been that many masochist characters that I know of, so this could turn out to be pretty interesting.

Anticipation level: Moderately- high

Fortune Arterial Red Promise

Transfer student discovers remote island school which has a female vampire in its student body. Sounds rather like Rosario Vampire, which I fairly enjoyed, but nothing too original. It’s been awhile since I’ve watched a good romance anime, so I’m hoping that this’ll turn out to be pretty good.

Anticipation level: Moderately-low

Tantei-Opera Milky Holmes

Detective girls solve cases and do shit. Not really interested. Moreover, this sounds like a silly take on Sherlock Holmes but much more shoujo. I’ll give this a pass with a wave of my hand.

Anticipation level: Very low

There were other shows on the fall list which I cannot really comment on, having not seen their previous seasons (i.e. Hakuoki 2, To love Ru 2, and Hentalia Fourth Season. Following that are a bunch of shounen shows which I have absolutely no interest in, or anyone should for that matter, unless you are under the age of 10. Super Robot Taisen: Not the biggest mech fan. Pokemon: Best wishes. Really, another pokemon season? Battle Spirits Brave: Looks like Yu Gi Oh but even crappier. And the rest is a bunch of children shows no one gives two shits about.

So that’s it for the fall season. I hope it’ll be a grand one and expect to see many great shows.


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I watch anime on nearly a daily basis. I also try to read some manga every now and then.

4 Responses to >Falling back into anime

  1. >Fucking Psychic Detective Yakumo! wooo

  2. Tenshibo says:

    >Going to be honest, Iron Man looks stupid. I understand the need to spread marvel in other areas, and I guesss maybe Japan isn't that big on marvel? But, they should use this chance to capitilize on some up coming movies. For example, Thor. I understand Iron Man is hip now, but he's is a B-class super-hero in my opinion (so is Thor, but still) Captain America would be perfect, but, must I mention his flaw? Would've loved if DC did this. The Green Lantern would be perfect for thid.

  3. drasil says:

    >Panty and Stocking is Gainax… Don't write it off yet 😮

  4. Vensito says:

    >The mangakas who wrote and drew the Death Note manga are responsible for the Bakuman manga as well, I'm pretty sure the anime studio has nothing to do with it. In fact! It's being directed by the guy who directed Aoi Hana, which I know you're so fond of Dave. Most of these shows have high anticipation for me, cept for Fortune Arterial cuz I hear King complaining about it a lot and Yosuge no Sora because of what I read from the manga, wasn't that spectacular, but all are rather interesting. DON'T FORGET DAVE, Legend of the Legendary Heroes is a gem as well, just a manly gem that you don't watch!

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