>Hayate No Gotoku adapts into a TV Drama series!


It’s been announce that Taiwanese production and broadcasting company Gala TV announced they selected Kenjirou Hata’s popular Manga Hayate no Gotoku that also been recently finished it’s Anime. Will be adapting into a Live Comedy Drama TV series starring Korean actress Shin-Hye Park to play as female protagonist Nagi and Taiwanese actor George Hu will play Hayate.

If you don’t know what Hayate no Gotoku is here is a quick summary of it from AnimeNfo.com

“An unfortunate high school student, Ayasaki Hayate spends his days working at part-time jobs to support his extravagant parents. After incurring a debt of 150 million yen, they disappear, and Hayate was left holding the bag. Whilst running away from the debt collectors, he tries to kidnap a girl for ransom (however, the girl misunderstands his intentions and thinks he is confessing his love to her). Almost immediately, he botches the kidnap attempt but then manages to save her from other kidnappers, causing her to fall in love with him. The girl, Sanzenin Nagi, is actually the daughter of a millionaire family. In recognition of his services, she hires Hayate as a resident butler and even pays off the debt collectors. This is how Hayate becomes a combat butler. In order to serve and protect his mistress, Hayate’s life-or-death butler life begins.”

So far there isn’t any official release date of the TV Drama to be airing. We will check in for more news of the Live action progress
some other time. I

I haven’t had much experience watching Drama or Anime adoptions to Drama except for Jigoku Shoujo, Mar, Hana Yori and Mei Chan no Shitsuji. I have to admit some weren’t so bad at least. It’s kind of hard to see whether to see our favorite anime’s turned in to live action whether if it follows the Anime or Mangas script correctly or take a wrong turn. Especially with actors older then the characters in the story. Spin offs usually not usually following the story directly or have anything related to it… But I hope this one works out fine..

Sorry famous voice actress Rie Kugimiya known for doing Nagi, Taiga (Toradora), Shana (Shakkugan no Shana) and other famous works. You’re the one who makes this anime special for me!

20 year old actress Park Shin Hye will be playing as the main female protagonist Nagi. The Rich Princess that Hayate serves in the series.

32 Year old Taiwanese Actor George Hu will be playing the Main Protagonist Hayate. The young indebted butler that serves Nagi throughout the series. I hope George Hu knows what he is going through if he seen or watched the series cause this mofo has to Cosplay and cross dress a lot!

Thanks for reading! Peace Out!

– Tanuki

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4 Responses to >Hayate No Gotoku adapts into a TV Drama series!

  1. Vensito says:

    >Rie Kugimiya is <3.

  2. Jeroz says:

    >I highly doubt the actors know what they are into. Knowing Taiwan, they probably think it's another sappy romance about a rich girl and her butler….Don't expect too much from it. I can anticipate it to be on the same level of fail as that Dragon ball Evolution, if not on the Last Air Benders scale.

  3. maebara says:

    >@ JerozShin Hye turns everything she touches to goooooold XDCan't wait

  4. Cosplay says:

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