>Here We Go Again!


Messy hair, unmanly, and bad with women. But enough about Dave, I’m gonna talk about Ryoushi Morino, one of the MC’s of the Ookami-san anime.

He is a guy who suffers from Scopophobia(fear of being looked at) and aside from his fear being an extremely annoying character trait, he himself is a relatively nice guy. He knows what a man needs to do when the woman he loves is in danger and pulls through for her on many occassions(in his own way). He is practically a master of stealth as he can blend into any environment like he’s wearing OctoCamo, but his obsession with Ryouko feels stalkerish near the beginning of the show. Granted he gradually grows out of this stalker phase, but it was still a pretty creepy first impression. Other than that, he’s a pretty big mess of a character, jumping from being piss-scared of people looking at him, to being a brave young hero with a sling-shot, then back again to being piss-scared. But he gets the job done, and I guess that’s all I need in a good MC.

Side-Note: Why when I searched for pictures of Ryoushi did I get a pic of Mizore o.O?

(Not that I’m complaining)


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5 Responses to >Here We Go Again!

  1. >Ryoushi can die in a fire (twice). That's how bad I think he and Ookami-san is. Last episode next week, Thank God. ¬_¬

  2. lerxst2112 says:

    >Is it just me, or do anime women always seem hotter/cuter with purple hair?

  3. >FUCK YOU motherfucker.

  4. SelfTorment says:

    >O_O wow ok how do i follow that comment.Well for me. i don't really care of Ryoushi but he has his moments i just wish he wouldn't turn back into a wuss after the fight is over.But i'm not making the story so oh well.

  5. drasil says:

    >Rom-Com leads are supposed to be idiots to some extent so you can sympathize with them since CLEARLY all otakus are idiots. Also, if Ryoushi was either completely all "manly mode" or "sissypants scared" he'd have no character development whatsoever since his struggle with his phobia and his desire to be stronger fueled by his love for Ookami-san is about the only thing going for him, so he'd be completely boring.

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