>Manga Review: Emerging


Halloween is coming up and I decided to read a few Horror mangas to raise my Halloween spirit up. My friend Jesse recommended me to read Emerging; story and art by Masaya Hokazono who previously made mangas like Girlfriend and Inugami. He’s not a very well known Mangaka but I find Emerging a very spectacular work of his. Emerging comes in 2 Volumes and 22 chapters long.

So the story starts off as a normal day showing a side character named Akari enjoying her day chatting away with her friends. Akari planning to go on a date that she believed nothing can go wrong. As Akari and her friends walking home in Shinjuku an unexpected event of diseased man falls down dead in horrible seizure spewing blood all over people in some Hemorrhage attack. This is the beginning of Japan witnessing an unknown disease attacking them!

As the big event has happened, The story revolves around mostly three doctors Onotera a close neighbor of Akari, Sekiguchi an experience doctor and Mori who specializes in studying cases like the Ebola epidemic, blood hemorrhages, and etc. Onotera and Sekiguchi are sent to investigate the dead body that died on the shinjuku street. They are unaware what happened, the first victim that died suffer symptoms of red shot eyes, pains, fever, bloated skin and exploding veins. The medical team tries to keep this secret from the Japanese public and hope this body doesn’t infect the whole population. The three doesn’t know the full details of the disease whether its a type 3 or 4 epidemic.
Sadly the disease manage to capture witnesses of the death of the victim onto Akari and others. It is spreading rapidly and they don’t know how it is chain reacting like wild fire. It is a race before time for Japan. Onotera and Sekiguchi try to help take care the infected people as Mori sees she can find a cure.
The art of Emerging is done perfectly and suitable for this manga story. The art is more realistic than most and the characters look more human then most mangas. Hokazono shows pretty graphic images of this epidemic that is pretty frightening and horrifying. As you see from these images a bunch of bloods and demented sick people so I wouldn’t recommend this to people sensitive to this stuff.
The story is put in an alternative realistic situation of a bio hazardous epidemic and decisions being made to prevent this. The author shows reals possibilities of what this viral infection can look like in Japan. I highly recommend it to people into the ER dramas and it is like Steven King novel in a manga version. You’ll feel high suspense as Japan fights off a unknown battle and a bit in the character’s shoes of their fear in the operation rooms. This Horror, science fiction manga is generally suited for mature audience and it was an enjoyable read. I give it 4/5 stars!

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  1. Vensito says:

    >Looks like something that would be right up my alley.

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