>Ladies and Gentlemen…


This is the Halo of anime. What I mean by this is that Haruhi Suzumiya and Halo are both vastly overrated. Both are not as good as so many people say they are. That is, not to say that they’re terrible, they just don’t bring anything new to the table. So fanboys and fangirls, put down your pitchforks and flaming torches, and allow me to explain.

I have seen The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. I have seen the 2nd part (season 2?) of Haruhi, and even saw (well, some of it) endless eight. I have seen the movie. They are good. But not great. The concept itself is new, but the actual story itself is so bland and dull. It’s perplexing to me to know that so many people admire the series, when it’s just about your ordinary slice of life show. This goes for the same case with Halo. Marines fighting alienz? Where have I seen this before? Oh right, doom, quake, area 51, etc. It’s the same old formula, and I honestly wonder if the fans even get a tiny bit tired of the same shit released game after game.

There are just too many things overrated beyond reason. One big example relating to this last summer, High School of the Dead. Sure zombies are neat and all, but the characters are just too terrible. No one really stands out too much as a truly unique character, some even unbearable to watch (though Hirano is a tolerable character). The humor is subtle, I chuckled a few times at some over the top scenes, but in the end, it was nothing too special. The drama was overdone and the plot was way too convoluted. But I digress, back to the main point, Haruhi is overrated beyond belief.

I enjoyed the movie, but for what it was, it could’ve been better, more original even. Yes, the idea has been done before one too many times. The fact that it’s in the top 10 animes on MAL is completely ridiculous to me. How can this be better than some of the Ghibli movies which were absolutely fantastic? Remember when you first saw Spirited Away and how blown away you were by the animation and the imaginative world created in the movie? That was imagination at its finest. I simply don’t understand. At this point, it’s not even a matter of taste, it’s a matter of quality, a matter of imagination and originality. Have the people actually gotten tired of originality? Someone shoot me now.


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I watch anime on nearly a daily basis. I also try to read some manga every now and then.

2 Responses to >Ladies and Gentlemen…

  1. drasil says:

    >All encompassing lists such as MAL's will never be able to satisfy everyone. MAL's anime list is based on the majority of the public's opinion. Just because everyone and their mother thinks Halo the "greatest game ever" doesn't make it true. The same goes holds true for the Haruhi series, and so lists like those should be taken with a grain of salt. And while the Haruhi movie wasn't one of the best movies I've ever seen I certainly enjoyed it very much so to the point I'm intrigued to see where the series goes next.

  2. >I know. Opinions are opinions. But it's shit like that kinda ticks me off. I'm just gonna wait till the popularity dies down and everyone comes to their senses.

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