>It’s That Time Of The Month Again!


I don’t know why, but for some reason I’m always watching animes where the male lead just tends to piss-me-the-fuck-off, and this is a big hitter. Kio Kakazu, the MC of the 2010 anime Asobi ni Iku yo!, is one of the most dense and unrelatable characters I have seen in a long fucking time.

He’s not as bad as, let’s say Keita Suminoe:

Or (god forbid) Makoto Itou:

But he is so hard-headed that I have a hard time believing that he’s not a robot.(Robot Otaku sounds like a good idea for a story by the way). They could have replaced his character with a bar of soap and I’m pretty sure the story wouldn’t change that much, in fact, I’m pretty sure it would be better.

He’s one of those characters who has many girls after him but he doesn’t notice, you know, harem MCs. Now, I’ve seen a lot of harems where I really liked the main character and where they were easy to relate to and all that fancy stuff. I don’t think that’s what they were going for with this guy though. They try really hard to make him seem like he has an overwhelming sense of righteousness at times, which makes him less detestable, but doesn’t help the fact that his character is dumb as bricks. Anytime something related to “romance” happens in the story, usually all we get from him is a blank stare followed by a confused verbal response.

I’m sick and tired of seeing animes being dragged down because of their main characters, and it saddens me to think of how many times I’ve convinced myself that the story isn’t supposed to be focused on them so they don’t matter.

I guess I’m just being harsh on MCs these days, but there are a few decent ones out there. I just wish that this anime had a better one I guess. Still wouldn’t have saved it from being slightly mediocre though :|. Here’s hoping for some better development in the last quarter of the year and hopefully in 2011 as well. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go bitch some more as I finish this show.


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4 Responses to >It’s That Time Of The Month Again!

  1. >It just plain sucks./end of anime career for the producers.

  2. >I'd say Rosario Vampire is one of the rare shows that doesn't have a dense main character, since he knows what he wants, and actually chooses someone for once. I'm gonna watch the ending of Asobi in a little bit, and I SWEAR, if he chooses the cat girl, or worse, chooses NO ONE, I'm not giving it any higher than a 4.

  3. Jeroz says:

    >The fact that you chose an obvious harem series and now curse the MC for being dense is hilarious.

  4. drasil says:

    >You're asking for a harem with a well-fleshed out main character… Good luck. Not to say that there aren't some harems like that, but if you really want consistency of good stories and a good cast of characters then turn to that genre you've always been iffy about: shoujo animes. Or if not that then look for some rom/drams you haven't seen. 😮

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