>Kindness is a sin

>From the many harems and romance shows I’ve watched, it’s almost heartwrenching to see the same thing over again. There’s always the case of a guy being caught in a harem, or an even worse case, a love triangle. This is sometimes due to the main character being so damn nice. Oh course the only way the situation could be solved is the main guy choosing someone for once, and just flat out tell the other competitors, “Sorry, I don’t see you that way.”. It sucks to see this happen to a character you were really rooting for. It really does. But it’s life and how life should be. Not everyone wins in the game of love.

It has me thinking, maybe there is such a thing as being too nice. It’s not as if the main guy’s trying to egg every girl on that he might be interested in her, he’s just a pure moralistic person, trying to achieve happiness for everyone. But what these guys don’t realize is that their goal is impossible to achieve (unless he incidentally does choose everyone and has an orgy with all of the girls), because we live in a world where only one person can matter to another. Any more persons, and the relationship becomes meaningless. When I think of cross relationships between two girls and a guy, I think of it to be one of the toughest decisions a guy could make in his life. Accepting both would basically turn the relationship into pimps and whores.

This shit ain’t gonna end well.

The shows that do excel in showing a true relationship, has its heartbreaks with the girls who desperately wanted to be by the side of the male character. Of course, if you really wanted to see those two end up together, you’d go watch the tv special or OVA, or some fanfic that some crazed fan wrote over the internet. Even so, it’d look unnatural to you.

When I watch Clannad, I think how well those two characters work in a relationship. The main guy is one of the kindest motherfuckers I’ve seen, but he knows what he wants. When I watch the alternate universes of who else he could’ve ended up with, I get an awkward feeling down my spine, thinking ‘This is not what the show is about’. It’s all interesting how different it can turn out, but those ideas are purely for the fans. Even if you don’t like which person the guy decides to end up with, it’s still mainly the decision of the creators to go this certain route, the route that does certainly make sense. There is a defining moment in Clannad that shows the ultimate decision of the Main guy. It’s a sweet moment, but it also end in tears and anger. Parts of the show like those are the bumps you have to get over and move on.

Get the fuck down, kitty.

Maybe it’s time for an asshole character. Or not. Anyhow, I see too many ‘nice guys’ in almost every show, it almost frustrates me. I’m a moralistic person myself, don’t get me wrong, but the trend’s a little stale. I just know when a guy’s being too nice, it’s not gonna end well for others. The earlier the decision is made, the better. No more fucking around with the main character thinking, “What do I do?”. The blame’s not always entirely on the main character, of course. As arrogant as it sounds, he can’t help if he’s too damn attractive. Some of them, I don’t see what the girls see in him, but that’s just how it is.

I’m not sure what I’m looking for. It’s not that I want a clone of Clannad. Repetitiveness is just as bad as seeing another dense character. I’ll keep looking. Maybe I’ll find it. Or not.


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5 Responses to >Kindness is a sin

  1. SelfTorment says:

    >I agree with you on this i hate main characters that are so fucking undecisive i just want to see another one of the characters beat the crap out of them and tell him to pick instead of wait til the very end of the show for him pick.Thats the reason i love Clannad once he pick a girl the show now had time to focus on there relationship instead of speading the whole show watching so idiot trying to make a choose you can wate the main character and the girl he picked live there live through the good and bad.

  2. Jeroz says:

    >Kiminozo does present with a dilemma that's different than your generic love triangle.if you'd watched all the previous KEY/KyoAni works it's obvious that the main character always got the choice sorted out early, and have her to involve in as many arcs from other characters as possible. It's not a harem, just that most of his very good friends are females.

  3. drasil says:

    >It's just that monogamy is constantly being preached to us in typical Amercian society since we're old enough to understand certain complex situations (such as marriage, relationship, etc), so polygamy just seems absurd and that there's no way it could work. It's debatable if it truly works in real life or not, but in terms of anime I think if a writer is devoted enough, fleshes out characters and the stages of the relationship, they can pull off a compelling story of polygamy. It just becomes harder to achieve this when there are 5 or 6 different girls going for the same guy. Therefore the magic number is 2 which reminds me of one of the endings to the School Days visual novel where Makoto ends up with both Kotonoha AND Sekai, they both become pregnant, and the three of them end up living together. What it means to be in a polygamist relationship should also be taken into account. In the case of School Days, each woman is pledging their love, life, and loyalty to this one man while at the same time acknowledging and respecting that they have to share this position with another.

  4. >I just had to see that ending to School days for myself, dras, and holy shit, I just feel sick now. I mean, it wasn't sweet and nice or anything. It was "U preggers? lol me too! Let's go fuck with Makoto every night and maek tons of babehs lol". I mean, if they're gonna do polygamy, they might as well do it well, with the main guy choosing both because he really cares for both, and not just doing it for the sake of making everyone happy.

  5. drasil says:

    >That's what I'm saying. If the relationship and feelings the characters have is really well done it can be pulled off; School Days is just one of the few who's tried this and one of even fewer who has succeeded in some sense. People are just too afraid to touch subjects like that. Aki Sora, Kiss x Sis, and probably some other animes I can't name right now are dealing with the moral issue of incest, though, arguably not to the depth that it makes you really ponder the issue. Yosuga no Sora, however, seems to be doing a really good job making me think deeply about incest. The only thing that irks me about Yosuga no Sora is that all the girls are falling for the guy (minus his sister) because he's "cute", and not some deeper connection. Hopefully with the coming episodes that problem is fixed, and the girls go "You know what… He's not just another cute face." or something.

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