>The End To Another Season Of Service

Yes yes, it feels like almost yesterday that I was leaping out of my bed every morning, excited to see one of my favorite mangas getting it’s second anime season.

As time went on though, I started noticing them trying to fuck with the story a little bit in Sekirei Pure Engagement. I noticed that they changed some things in the first season as well, but the overall conclusion didn’t differ from the original all that much. The second season, on the other hand, completely skips over a giant part of the story, or rather, attempts to rearrange the order of the events that take place at the time.
Now, I can see why this happened, having to condense everything into a 13 episode series and find a good stopping point would have been hell if they didn’t skip out on it, but I just don’t think they handled it in the best way. Everything made, more or less, a little bit of sense near the end, but it left so much more to be desired and I guess you could say it gives you a reason to want to watch another season.

Just strictly speaking of the last episode, it wasn’t horrible, I’ve seen far worse endings to anime seasons. Although, it did feel like it was pushing a little too much for the things they’ve been building up in the show until then. I thought they could have saved a lot of the fights that happened for another time and not tried to force everything down in one sitting. Alas, it ends on a cliff-hanger with a “To be continued” notice. Showing that they ARE aiming for a third season, which I’m somewhat not that excited for at the moment, but who knows how things will turn out in the future.



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2 Responses to >The End To Another Season Of Service

  1. >I've liked both seasons so far, they are fairly decent. I found Shufuko No Campanella more entertaining this summer.

  2. >This season was bearly alright, but bear were some times when I could bearly stand the drama.

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