>First Impressions On Bakuman


YES! Finally, it’s here! After being a fan of the manga for oh so long, I was giddying out of my shoes when I heard Bakuman was getting an anime! As I was watching the first episode I started thinking to myself that this series actually works better in animation than it does in the original manga form. SURPRISING!

Alright so on the first episode we are introduced to our main character, Moritaka Mashiro, a slightly pessimistic and smart 14 year-old student who is a talented artist and the nephew of a one-hit-wonder mangaka(or gambler) Nobuhiro Mashiro. He claims that there is no use trying to excel in anything in life and plans to go to an average school and end up in an average desk-job.

When Mashiro leaves school one day, he accidentally leaves his notebook inside of his desk, which is found by our other main character, Akito Takagi, who is considered the smartest guy in the school with a generally optimistic personality. He asks Mashiro to team up with him so that they can create manga since Takagi is skilled at writing and he finds out that Mashiro is exceptional at drawing from the doodles he makes in his notebook.

Mashiro is hesitant at first, saying things like “It’s too much effort”. It takes the presence of our main heroin, Miho Azuki, to make him finally decide what he wants to do. She is a very quiet and reserved character who dreams of becoming a voice actress and is the object of Mashiro’s affection.

The episode ends when our main character starts to get a new outlook on life and decides to make a promise with Azuki that once both their dreams come true (when Mashiro and Takagi get an anime made from their manga and Azuki voices the main heroin) they will get married, but until then they can never see each other.

The anime follows the manga pretty well as I can remember some of the lines from when I was reading it. I thought the music choice for the episode was awesome even though I can’t pinpoint what genre it’s from. The voice acting was great and almost sounded exactly like what I thought they would sound like when I was reading it. Overall this worked really well for a first episode, I hope that they continue to make them like this, having good pacing and just a great feeling of nonchalantness with sudden bursts of nervousness and of course, great character development. Definitely gonna be one of my favorite shows this Fall.


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I watch anime on nearly a daily basis. I also try to read some manga every now and then.

2 Responses to >First Impressions On Bakuman

  1. >I was pretty surprised how easy it was to get into Bakuman. I'm starting to see a resemblance between Akito and Light, seeing as they're both intelligent and use a notebook to get what they want. Maybe this show could be a winner this season. MAYBE.

  2. lerxst2112 says:

    >What I found interesting and liked about this is the fact that Azuki isn't some dolled up, big titted, girl with purple, pink, blue, or whatever colored hair. She actually looks like a normal girl. I find that to be very refreshing starting a new anime. I'm looking forward to watching more episodes of this and seeing how it develops

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