>First impressions on MM!

>So the fall season of anime has started and already have sprung some pretty good shows. The season’s just begun but of the shows I’ve caught on watching, one of the particularly caught my interest: MM!

Masochism has never been funnier.

MM! is essentially about a teenage boy, Sado Tarouwho happens to be a masochist, but desperately tries to get rid of the ‘disease’ in order to be able to confess to the girl he likes in his class. This leads him to seek help from a volunteer club at his school, but what he didn’t realize is that one of the members of the club is a devilish tsundere, Mio, who plans to beat the masochism out of him. Just the idea of a masochist and a tsundere combo has got me raising eyebrows, more interestingly to see a masochist character. A very rare sight in anime.

Hurt me MOAR Sna- I mean Mio!

The main character isn’t a real pervert, I would say. He’s a good hearted fellow, who means well and the fact that he sought help to get rid of such a dirty secret, gets him points in my book. It seemed to me that his masochism acts as some involuntary action that impulsively activates whenever he’s being beaten by a pretty face. As for Mio, she’s more of a cliche princess type character who seems willing to take advantage of  Tarou’s masochism. She seems to open up a little to him like any tsundere would, but hey, all I’m all for it. Among the members of the volunteer club, is Yuno, a quiet moe character, who appears to be very fragile and frightened of Tarou. Her character seemingly could be a potential love interest, judging it by opposite polars. So basically, what’s interesting here isn’t so much the characters themselves, but the combination that they are fixated in. I can well see a masochist/tsundere combo working in an interesting way, seeing as tsunderes are usually the violent type and mixing a masochist into the pot would create some… really fucked up scenes. This is the relationship that has me scratching my mighty beard, rather than say some odd paring between a tsundere and a guy with scopophobia. 

Your lord and savior… is a masochist. 

I would be lying if I said this didn’t have potential to be a really great show. Honestly, I don’t see why more people are talking about it.  The art style feels as it should. Very fresh and has the 2010 look to it. The music is pretty catchy and is by no means a nuisance to listen to. The voices of the characters sound as I pictured them to sound like. What surprises me is that the main character is voiced by Jun Fukuyama, who’s done many other roles in different works, most notably, Lelouch of Code Geass. I’m pretty excited to see what the next few episodes have to offer.


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4 Responses to >First impressions on MM!

  1. Jackson says:

    >Ahahahah, this seems grea! Just the picture from animelist has me in stitches.

  2. Vensito says:

    >You know, I was thinking the main character had a pretty great voice while watching it, now I know why.

  3. Jeroz says:

    >you realised that he also voiced Shinra (Durarara!!), Takanashi(working!), and Ryner(DYD)?he's used to this role already.

  4. >What do you mean he's used to the role already? This is a completely different role he's doing than the ones he did before.

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