>First Impressions on Arakawa: Under the Bridge x Bridge


Seeing Arakawa back in the flesh is like seeing your best friends again after a long summer break and entering a new year of school together. You feel pumped, and ready for the events to come, but most importantly you’re doing with the people that you care about. 
These are the friends that you missed.
For those unfamiliar with Arakawa, the story is essentially about a man named Kou, a man who cannot accept any debts, who is suddenly saved from drowning by a blond woman by the name of Nino. In return for her saving his life, he promises to become her lover. By doing so, he must live at the place she calls home, under the bridge. From that day onward, he discovers many oddities of the people who also live under the bridge, including a star shaped-headed guitarist, a man in kappa suit, a sadistic milkmaid, a nun who is a former war veteran, and so on. Throughout Arakawa, his character changes from being the stubborn character he formerly was, to being a reliable person, willing to help the people under the bridge.
Arakawa: Under the Bridge x Bridge starts off with the familiar and enjoyable cast that the first season held. Each one having their distinct and hilarious personalities, being the character they were as when you first saw them. Whenever a character pulls off an insane stunt, I could just say, “Hah, that’s so him.” The familiarity with these characters is what makes getting back into the series so easy to enjoy and laugh along with the crazy humor of the show. The show introduces a new character, an amazonian woman, who we’ve yet to learn about. The last time we’ve seen her was at the very last bit of the last episode of the previous season. I can see her odd character making a fine addition to the members of Arakawa. 
Shaft never ceases to amuse me.
The first episode starts off as Nino at a beach, about to be crushed by a large tidal wave, only to discover that she was dreaming all along, holding her lover, Ric, above her head. What follows is a misunderstanding between Ric and Nino causing them to switch homes under the bridge, yet Nino will always sleepwalk to where Ric is. Very charming. The next following skits lead up to a down right hilarious marathon race scene between the men who live under the bridge. Whitey’s the fastest motherfucker who can draw white lines on the grass faster than anyone, while the Mayor runs light-speed in his kappa suit. The whole scene had me laughing pretty hard, the feeling I’ve missed from arakawa for such a long time. The final scene of the episode implies that Nino may be homesick, wanting to return to her home on Venus.
Invincible star GO!
Arakawa’s art style is still unique and fresh as ever, with each character so wonderfully animated and drawn. I just feel so lively looking at any scene from Arakawa, maybe even relaxed to see people spend time so freely and nonchalantly. The OP is just a delight to see and listen to, seeing the complete cast of Arakawa in what appears an underwater setting. It’s almost like a door to a new season saying “Welcome back.” I throughly enjoyed the first season of Arakawa: Under the Bridge, despite some people claiming they didn’t “get” the humor or were annoyed by frequent ‘eye shots’ of the characters. Arakawa has been one of the most original shows I’ve seen in awhile, and has even made it to one of my favorites of this year’s spring shows. Shaft has yet to disappoint me with its shows, and I can certainly trust them to guarantee another awesome season of Arakawa. This will definitely be among my most anticipated shows of the fall season.

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4 Responses to >First Impressions on Arakawa: Under the Bridge x Bridge

  1. lerxst2112 says:

    >I preferred the original over this OP, but non the less, this is going to most likely be my fav anime of the fall. Its just as hilarious as the first season. Can't wait for more episodes

  2. >Yeah I think I might like the first season's OP a bit more too, but this season's pretty good too. I'm just as excited to see what the rest of the season has to offer. I loved the first episode.

  3. drasil says:

    >2nd season OP all the way. Also, Nintendo has sued SHAFT for use of their Star music and the anime is now on hiatus RedCoat

  4. drasil says:

    >P.S. I will be expecting a Yosuga no Sora review from you Dave in the coming days. It's being called Aki Sora meets Clannad and I very much get that feeling, however, the comedic stuff that happens after the ending seems to downplay the serious tone that the anime was emanating. Hopefully that isn't a sign that the anime will take a wrong turn when it's showing immense promise with its first episode.

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