>First Impressions on A Certain Magical Index 2


♫ Guess who’s back? Index’s back. Tell a friend. 

Yes, the long awaited sequel to A Certain magical Index has returned for a 2nd season. I can just tell you I was giddier than a fat kid to find ice cream in his fridge on a hot summer day. It’s been two years since the last season ended, leaving many things unfinished, and then came Index 2. 

For those not familiar with A certain magical index, the story is set around a city mainly filled with students who study to become superhuman beings, espers if you will, a world where science and magic co-exist. The main character, Touma, is a level 0 ranked psychic, as he doesn’t possess any special abilities other than having his right hand capable of canceling out other abilities. One day, he finds a nun holding a memory of 103,000 magical texts, Index, hanging over his apartment balcony window, on the run from the Church of England. What follows for the rest of the series is Touma and Index getting caught into many exciting battles. Most notably, the fight between Touma and Accelerator, a level 5 psychic, was purely an excellent battle to see. 

Season 2 needs more of this.

Index Season 2 starts off as Touma is nearing the end of his summer vacation, piled with summer homework, and Index constantly distracting him from his work. Just then, Index is kidnapped by a mysterious stranger who possess magical wind powers. His goal seems to be gaining info from the many books that Index possess to save a woman he likes. So basically, he’s not such a bad guy after all. At some point in the show, we get a few minutes with Misaka which just brought a smile to my face. I missed that tsundere attitude of hers. I certainly hope her relationship with Touma gets closer throughout the season. At the closing of the episode, we get a short glimpse of Kaori in her ripped up jeans, fighting off English Knights. I mean, damn. DAT ASS. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see any Accelerator nor Last Order. I know there are characters from the spinoff, Railgun, that make a return in the show, so I should get around to seeing that as well, but I’m just… so unmotivated to watch it whenever I try to see a few minutes of it. I’ll try again.. sometime…

I still find it hard to believe the girl on the left is a teacher.

Index’s new OP and ED are excellent as well. Great music, and hints given at some new characters to be introduced later in the series. One thing I noticed in the OP, is that Accelerator is on a crutch, the result of his last   risky endeavors to save Last Order from the last season. Points to the creators for putting in small detail like that. The animation is nice and sleek, voice acting is top notch. I really don’t have many complaints so far, but since it’s only the first episode, it might be too soon to say so. Still, I expect this season to be as great as the first. My most anticipated show of the season, started today. 

I mean come on! This OP’s SEX. 

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4 Responses to >First Impressions on A Certain Magical Index 2

  1. Vensito says:

    >It needs more lolis taking their clothes off? Shame on you Dave.

  2. lerxst2112 says:

    >Yea Dave, what's that all about?

  3. >Obviously, I was talking about Accelerator in that picture. That naked loli just happens to be in there.

  4. drasil says:

    >1st episode was boring to me. Hope it picks up. D8

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