>Supernatural Anime new trailer!


A new 2 minute trailer from MAD House and Warner Bros advertising the new Anime version of Supernatural. Thats right boys and girls! Warner Bros popular paranormal, action/drama show is getting an Anime and the first DVD and Blu-ray should come out on February, 23, 2011! From the first teaser trailer said it would be debuted on January but the anime been delayed a month.

Supernatural will be animated into 22 episode adaption not like 6 season over 100 episodes as the TV show did. The anime will cover 2 seasons from the original and along of some remakes of old episodes along with some brand new cases to it.
The Winchester brothers Sam and Dean are back again on the American roads hunting and exterminating ghosts and demons! English dubbing will have some voices from the original actors Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles along with their Japanese dubs from Yuya Uchida and Hiroki Touchi as their Japanese voices.

Dean Winchester sketches

Sam Winchester sketches

Jess character sketches
Supernatural official site

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4 Responses to >Supernatural Anime new trailer!

  1. Vensito says:

    >Fuck Yeah! ♫ Carry On My Wayward Son ♫

  2. Jeroz says:

    >is this the first time there's an anime series adapted from western tv series?

  3. drasil says:

    >This is what I wanted Sekimatsu Occult Gakuin to be sort of like while I waited for the Supernatural anime. Sadly, I was disappointed.

  4. Rickatzu says:

    >they fucked up Jensen's hair…and face. :[Goes to show Jensen is just too gorgeous for anime. Nothing beats the original. But it does look pretty good. I can't wait to see it!

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