>Blast to the Past Part 1

>      Let me take you back in time. Eleven years ago to be more precise. The year is 1999, and I, being the 6 year old child that I was, had merely scratched the surface of the world of anime. I was carrying on my usual saturday mornings routine: Watching cartoons with my sister while wrapped in a blanket. The channel? Fox kids. And then came on the premier of the show that would change the way I thought about anime. Digimon Digital Monsters.


      The premise was this: During a summer camp, a bunch of kids are thrown into the Digiworld, chosen to be the saviors of the world and clear the world away from evil. Along the way, they are accompanied by monsters known as the digimon, who hold the ability to evolve into vastly more powerful creatures. The idea seems childish now, but back in 1999, it was my Citizen Kane.
     The character you followed were Tai, the courageous kid who never backed down, no matter what, then Matt, the ‘older brother’/ rebel character of the group, Sora, the tomboy girl who showed more maturity than the other characters, Izzy, the geek who used his knowledge to get the group out of many dangerous situations, Mimi, the fanservice  girl who was loving to her friends, Joe, the even geekier kid who eventually grew a pair, and T.K, the younger brother of Matt who cried a lot. Eventually, Kari, Tai’s younger sister, joined the group, but she was just as frail as she was when she’s first introduced in the series. Every character had their own ‘epiphany’, and became a much more stronger character from those experiences. I’m almost tempted to compare this to Pokemon, where that show had absolutely no character development, but really, the only reason we watched that show was to see pokemon beat the shit out of each other.

File:Digimon Adventure group shot.jpg
You will never be as cool as these kids. Ever.

At first sight, the digimon you see look a little too cute and a pushover that any person could take with their bare fists. But when they evolved….. just holy shit. Your balls dropped to see how badass they could be as they evolved into their advanced stages. You saw him go from this:

to this:

and eventually to this:
      Just wow, what an improvement. The armor, the huge fucking claws, you would be scared shitless if this arrived at your doorstep. Looking back at Pokemon, you saw pikachu evolve to…. a tan version of himself. Sorry, last time I’ll poke fun at that series. Anyhow, it wasn’t just Agumon who evolved into a badass, it was every digimon. The disappointing part about it was that the transformation was only temporary, and if they used up too much power, they’d revert back to their baby stages. On the bright side, they could practically never die. Since technically, digimon aren’t living organisms, they could be restored as new data and have an ongoing cycle of life. Pretty neat, ain’t it? Every time they evolved, I cheered for them, jumping out of my seat and yelling “Yeah, fuck Devimon up, Agumon!”. Alright, maybe I didn’t exactly say that, but I was certainly thinking it. I remember how I was the only one of my friends who was really into the series, while everyone else was jacking off to pictures of Misty. Kind of a shame, but it didn’t matter too much to me. I was just in love with the show. 

Misty’s not even hot!
     There were moments in the show that just broke my heart. The first time I saw Patamon, that cute looking digimon with wings, evolve into a badass looking angel to defeat Devimon, but as a result, lost his life too and devolved into an egg, just threw me off my feet. There were tensive times when Tai and Matt faced rivalry against each other, and I just hoped they would end the feud so they could team up again. There were even some of the most intense episodes I’ve seen in an anime at the time: Tai was back in the real world for a short time, caring for his sick little sister, while he discovers that the evil digimon were trying to enter the real world. It was at this point where the story didn’t just involve the digidestined kids and the digiworld, but now it involved the people of the real world as well. How the series ends is great, and just heartwarming to see. It was just one of those shows that went by so quickly, you couldn’t believe it was already over. The dub was just great, never awkward, and the battles were so exciting to see. Of course, eventually season 2 was announced, and I fanboy-gasmed when I first heard about it. 
My reaction to the announcement. 

     When season 2 came around, I was a little bothered by the fact that the series didn’t include the most the main cast from the first series. Granted, TK was back, with bigger balls and a longer penis, so was Kairi with bigger breasts, and had a sleeker figure, but then there was the Tai wannabe, Davis, who also wore the goggles but was even more energetic than Tai. There was Yolei, the geeky girl who also used her smarts in battle, Cody, a mature version of T.K. but is also very cold, and then the star of the show, Ken, originally the Digimon Emperor who was originally digidestined kid who grew mad with power. From this season, they changed the formula up a bit. This time around the digimon hold the ability to combine and form better and bigger digimon. A little odd at first, but I accepted it. The show reached its prime when it came to Ken making his ultimate resolution to change into a good character. He finds that there’s more to power, and allows himself to become accepted into the digidestined group. Despite the awesome battles, the very last bit of the ending was rather disappointing. It suddenly no longer became a show about beating the shit out of evil monsters, but about kids believing in their dreams or some shit. Not as heartwarming as the first season was, but still great nevertheless. After the second season, I thought this series had met its end. I was sad. I rolled up into a corner and cried. Then the movie was announced. And then there was Jesus.

To be continued!


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