>Binbou Shimai Monogatari (Anime Review)


There is nothing more touching and reminiscent of sisterly love through deep hardships of poverty. The Yamada sisters, Kyo being the eldest at age fifteen and Asu the youngest at nine years old. Lived through a history of tragedies, their mother died from giving birth to Asu and their father ran away from too much in debt from gambling. Leaving his two daughter alone in a small one room apartment.

As you read the summary of the setting and story of the main characters. You expect a linear storyline that evolves into something. But really this anime is a bit of Slice of life anime that runs an episodic movement. Each episodes shows a problem that effects their hard poor lives and they overcome them each time. Their isn’t an arc or a continuation of each problem. So expect this as a small short Drama, Slice of life and a bit of comedy in each one. But don’t expect anything big…. You wonder will they ever talk more of their history, family like will they get adopted or will they find their dad again. That stuff never comes back or isn’t even present in this anime like they don’t care. The anime does have some sad moments, tender moments and laughing moments but they are level that is a bit mild.

Characters in this anime as already know Kyo and Asu Yamada are the main focus of the anime. Since they are the star of the anime you do feel a bit of attachment to them and feel sympathy for them at times. There isn’t really a cast of supporting characters that play much of a role. You see some appearance of characters and some of them appear from time to time but they don’t have much of a supporters role and mostly there for comic relief or kindness. But aside from that let’s talke about Kyo and Asu. Kyo is the a kind care free optimistic teen who works hard for her younger sister. Asu is the younger sister who is pretty mature for her age than her older sister and very kind. Pretty much similar characteristics and some differences.
The problem I have with the cast is sometimes they can be over dramatic at small times it shouldn’t, Like kittens crying over spilled milk. Sequences may be a little bit rushed and isn’t much screen time to get the storyboard in order. Its a small problem then a solution at every episode then repeats.
Art is pretty good, characters look good are is a bit vivid and stand out pretty good. But it isn’t a big upgrade compared to other animes at it’s time. Seems to be not be a very high budgeted anime but it still looks very nice. Nothing to flashy or stands out more about it.
Sound is was okay, good melodies are present, they used some top voice actors but felt they weren’t at full potentional. It can be bland at some times or overdramatic. But overall its was livable.
Overall the anime is nice short ride and a bit touching, heartwarming. But I felt like they have some good planning but didn’t turn out as it should be. They could of given a better episodic writing. It felt really repetive and very predictable at most times. The problems in the anime seems to be minor and You feel that the girls should be looking for something better or looking for something but they don’t.

From Tanuki Blog
– 3/5

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  1. >Never really been into slice of life shows, but this sounds kinda interesting. Been awhile since I've seen a really depressing show (though the premise sounds a bit stretched), so I'll give this a look sometime.

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