>Anime Afterlife Podcast Episode 8: The Tangent Show

>This week we are joined with guest, racmaster (Jesse), on what we’ve been watching for the past week. Richard couldn’t be there for the show, unfortunately. He might’ve been attacked by an angry mob of pissed off japanese people while he was in Hiroshima. We’re not entirely sure. Anyhow, this show includes a lot of sidetracking, moving on to topics that we never meant to talk about in the first place. Kinda like that time when I was talking to a friend about what he would do for the summer and somehow the conversation drifted to movies we were planning on seeing, such as the Tron movie. Man, Jeff Bridges is awesome. I wish he did more movies. Well, he was in that recent movie where he was a guitarist, and for that he won some award at the academies. I’m so glad Hurt Locker won over Avashitar in the awards. Fuck that movie. And fuck James Cameron. The show includes Jesse’s review of Gyo, King’s review of Makai Senki Disgaea, Ven’s review of Summer Wars, and Dave’s review of Koi Kaze.

Download the show here: Anime Afterlife Podcast Episode 8: The Tangent Show
(Right click, select ‘Save as..’)

Our top 5 this week was Top 5 Biggest Disappointments.
Download the Top 5 here: Top 5 Biggest Disappointments

News this week:
Shiawase haitatsu tane ko anime green lit
Ghibli arrietty film watched 7.5 million times
Manga creator Shintaro Miyawaki passes away at 67
Supernatural anime greenlit


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  1. Vensito says:

    >Fuck you for calling Avatar shit.

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