>I Need A Tissue


Wow so Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt episode 3……I thought this series was weird before but now it’s just ridiculous. The first half of the episode was fine, kinda what you’d expect from it. The second half on the other hand, was a volcanic eruption of jizz all over my screen(literally).

Fansubbers having a little fun

So basically the episode starts up with a war taking place inside of a couple reproductive organs(which I assume all look gray on the inside). As the brave jizz-soldiers fight off the onslaught of tissue boxes(General Scottie)! It is to no avail though. General Scottie overpowers the semen and it ends up being a slaughter.

While back in the real world, all the tissues have gone missing! This causes Garterbelt to rage since he can’t relieve his tension >:3! So Panty & Stocking head out to investigate the problem. Turns out that the tissues have caused the little sperm army to materialize into ghosts(makes sense to me), and they are seeking revenge on General Scottie by kidnapping the tissue boxes and destroying them! Of course they stand no chance against our two crazed angels, even with their ultimate attack!

I’m actually really surprised this made it on TV, what with the bondage in the first half, and then the bukkake in the second half. This show is too weird for me to analyze, so I’m gonna turn off my brain and enjoy the nice 20 minute load on my face.


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I watch anime on nearly a daily basis. I also try to read some manga every now and then.

2 Responses to >I Need A Tissue

  1. >I only found the condom part amusing. Everything else is "LOL SEMEN, LOL JIZZ. LOL BONDAGE".

  2. Jeroz says:

    >It was edited slightly, hence the awkwardness around the transformation scene. I'm sure there are more changes that I couldn't identify. There was a tweet a few weeks back about the TV station requesting alteration to an episode, which I guess is this one.It just shows that the people are Gainax are either psychiatric or geniuses. Love the idea and the music. I'm starting to see the storywriters hit the groove. The jokes are getting better.

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