>Blast to the Past Part 2

>The year is 2000. I was 7 years old now. The Digimon movie premiered. And I shat bricks.

This beats the shit out of all of the Pokemon movies.

Now when the digimon movie was released, I didn’t see it come to any of my theaters. I was severely disappointed and I wanted to murder the movie industry. However! I did see it when it came to the DVD format. It wasn’t the same experience as seeing it on the big screen, but I was nevertheless anticipated to see it. I popped it in my 12″ Mac computer, wrapped myself in a blanket, brought out a bag of cheetos, and laid back in a leather chair. “This is gonna be sooo kewlll”, I thought to myself.

The movie was surprisingly very deep. Not only did it include the cast from the second season, but the first season as well. The movie starts out four years before the original series began, before Tai and his gang had even entered the Digital world. Tai and his sister discover a digi-egg which eventually evolves into Agumon. Though this segment was rather short, it was just excellent. This was only the first of three segments of the movie. The next segment reverted to 6 months after the kids left the digiworld. It was simply a joy to see them reunite with their digimon. Well, some of them. You didn’t see some of the kids get into the action like Sora and Mimi. Kinda disappointing, but oh well. The segment included a virus digimon infecting the internet that would cause the pentagon to launch two nuclear missiles. Ok so, a little far-fetched, but that made it all the more interesting. The conflict not only revolved around the kids from the first season, but also included hundreds of kids who also had digimon, and even some adults who were aware of the digi-world. It was race against time that just pulled you into the movie. The last segment centered around the kids from the second season, three years later after the previous segment. This segment started off introducing a new character known as Willis, who has a Terriermon, engaged in battle with an evil digimon, Wendigomon. You’ll see Davis and the gang team up back together to again to defeat the evil digimon forces. The film ends on a sad note, giving the audience room to speculate on what the future leaves for Willis and his digimon.

The movie was simply fantastic. The art work was never poor, and the animation was done fluidly. If you move from from the original series to the movie, you’ll notice a large improvement on the animation. You can definitely tell that the creators put great effort into the movie. Did Pokemon do that? I THINK NOT. Sorry, sorry. The movie also includes some songs that I remember listening to as a kid, such as Kids in America and All Star. It brings me such nostalgia to hear those songs again. The battle scenes were intense and kept me on the edge of my seat. This movie is a must see if you’re a fan of digimon. I’ll admit it’s not easy to get into the digimon series, but if you ever do, the movie is a joy to watch. I was ready to let go of Digimon. And then came the third season.

The third season, Digimon Tamers, introduced a whole new cast of characters, without any connection to the first two seasons. I was pretty bothered by this, but I still proceeded to watch it to see how it would turn out. The cast included Takato, a rather shy kid compared to Tai and Davis but a leader at heart, Henry, the pacifist asshole who wouldn’t allow his digimon to fight for such a long time, Rika, the bitch tsundere character who wanted to be the best of the best. In this world, the digimon are no more than a card game/video game to the kids. That is, until Takato scans his picture of a digimon with his toy digi-vice, and henceforth, creates Guilmon, his partner digimon. The other kids discover the digimon through a computer game, or become approached by the digimon themselves. The formula this time was that now the Tamers could merge with the digimon to form a bigger badass digimon. The conflict mainly revolved around humans and other evil digimon who wanted to keep the worlds separate. So what we have here, is a crappy cast, a crappy formula, and a somewhat crappy conflict. By the end of the series, I just felt too disappointed. Where was the fun in Digimon anymore? It felt like they tried to mix up the formula too much to make it “new and interesting”, but managed to fall very flat. As the series ended, I was sure this series was over. Done. Gone. No more. BUUUUT noooo, they decided to come out with a fourth season, Digimon Frontier.

When the fourth season had premier, I knew there was no way this could be good. And was I right. SO right. The first thing I noticed as that the opening song is not the usual digimon op song. Already, I’m pissed. So the cast includes the typical kid in goggles, Tayuka, then Koji, the “Matt” of the group (I mean, he even wears blue, what the fuck), then J.P., the fatfuck character who wanted to put his penis in Zoe, where Zoe was the only female, yet also worthless character of the group, and Tommy, the “T.K.” of the group… who cried a lot. At last, we have Koichi, the unknown brother of Koji, and the “Ken of season 2”, who was originally bad, but eventually turned good. So nothing new. Just copy/paste characters from the first two seasons. Geez, even the last season tried to mix up a few new ones, but this is terrible. This time around, they just skipped around the digimon creatures, and just went straight to the kids merging with the digimon. Is this even digimon anymore…? Imagine if Ash merged with Pikachu and ughh…oh god. I can’t even picture that travesty. At times during the show, it felt like they pulled a ‘deus ex machina’ one too many times. As the show progresses, you see the digimon world disappear in large chunks. Once they defeat the ‘ultimate evil forces’, the world is restored like nothing ever happened. So now this has to be over, right? Haha, WRONG.

Apparently, they made a 5th season called Digimon Data Squad, which looks like if Ben 10 fucked a digimon and called it a day. Now, I was a loyal fan of Digimon up until the 4th season. This, I don’t know. Maybe … never?

And this? What the fuck is this? Digimon Xros Wars?

Ok, fuck you. I’m done.


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I watch anime on nearly a daily basis. I also try to read some manga every now and then.

5 Responses to >Blast to the Past Part 2

  1. drasil says:

    >"Digimon: The Movie" in the US was actually a mash up of 3 different Japanese Digimon movies, and the movie involving Terriermon and Wendigomon had some stuff taken out for w/e reason. Also, Digimon Adventure 02: Diablomon Strikes Back is pretty much the best Digimon movie. It never came out in the States though. Finally, Digimon Xros Wars is actually pretty good. It reminds me a lot of Season 1, to an extent, more than any other season has.

  2. >Huh, I didn't know there was a second movie. I'm not sure if I can watch it and still retain the same feeling as I did when I first watched Digimon. I'm still iffy on Xros. It looks less crappier than Data Squad, but I dunno. Maybe I might have some Digimon fanboy still left in me.

  3. drasil says:

    >There's tons and tons of Digimon movies that were never released here. I've seen almost all of them. If you really want to watch a movie that has no ties to any of the seasons then I'd highly recommend Digimon X-Evolution.

  4. lerxst2112 says:

    >If I didn't know any better, I'd say Dave loves DigimonIdk, just an observation

  5. Fabiola says:

    Hi Dave the Zombie. Sorry for my english here, but I’m from Chile, and I wanted to see some things to you.

    About Digimon Tamers, I would like to say that in Digimon Tamers, the additional formula (for the first half of the series) is the Tamers using cards in order to help their digimon. However, I agree with you that the main formula is the Tamers merging with the Digimon, especially in the second half (In fact, when the production are making Digimon Tamers, the main writer of Tamers said that he wanted that the tamers could merge with the Digimon, as he said in these websites: “http://www.konaka.com/alice6/tamers/aramaki-e.html” in “From the beginning of…” and “http://www.konaka.com/alice6/tamers/plan-e.html” in “Union Through Mega Form”.).
    By the way, could you may explain in more detail why the “Tamers merging with the digimon” in Tamers is a crappy formula, Dave? Also I would like to add the fact that, after the Tamer is merged with the digimon into a “bigger badass digimon” the Tamer, naked, is in a sphere inside his/her “bigger badass digimon”, (as you can see this Youtube link: “http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXisNAEid_M”, since 5:34) similar to the Magic Knight Rayearth shows just as this one
    shown in this Youtube link: “http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzYPaFJAgEk”.

    And about your opinion in Digimon Frontier saying that “This time around, they just skipped around the digimon creatures, and just went straight to the kids merging with the digimon”, I agree. The kids don’t have any digimon partners (Bokomon and Neemon are digimon that follow the kids, but they’re not the “digimon partners”), and the kids simply merge with the digimon instead, despite that the digimon are contained inside these little statues (also called “Spirits”), and where the kid needs to become a digimon, the Digimon from the little statue is released from the Digivice (as the form of “armor”) and fuses with the kid in a progress called “Spirit Evolution” (as you can see in this Youtube link: “http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7SDvBC3jKeI”). Also at the end of the series, the kids merge with the digimon which are materialized from the little statues into a “bigger badass digimon” (as you can see this Youtube link: “http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qAe9W0pPDtk” since 7:22). This is the one of the reasons of why Frontier is disliked by various Digimon fans, because these fans want to see the kids and the Digimon as a team [AKA partners], not a human becoming a Digimon.

    Note: At least in Digimon Data Squad, the teenagers (the main humans) don’t merge with the digimon. Only some random villains do.
    And in Digimon Xros Wars, the kids don’t merge with the digimon, although the main digimon (the Shoutmon group) combine into a powerful digimon a la Power Rangers’s Megazords [AKA Combined Giant Robot or Combined Mecha], as you can see in this Youtube link: “http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PC71qbIL5jI”.

    And a final note: The Youtube links are in different languages, but you know the drill about these things, Dave.

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