>Today, all Pokemon cried and wept


Today, I discovered that the writer of Pokemon, Takeshi Shudo, has passed away. He was suffering from a hemorrhage, when he suddenly collapsed and rushed to the hospital the day before. And today, his heart had its last beat. There’s always a significant figure in the manga or anime industry that passes away every week, but this hit me pretty hard. Here goes the man who was on a team who was responsible for a good portion  of my childhood. I was a Pokemon fanatic as a kid, collecting any material Pokemon-related, but never really got down to playing the card game. What struck Pokemon as interesting to me, was the show itself, where viewers could see the pretty amazing battles between pokemon and the long journey Ash and his friends travel through as Ash attempts to be a Pokemon master. I may not be into Pokemon now, and haven’t been for the last ten years, but damn, you weren’t a kid if you never watched Pokemon.  Rest in peace, old friend.



About davethezombie
I watch anime on nearly a daily basis. I also try to read some manga every now and then.

2 Responses to >Today, all Pokemon cried and wept

  1. Vensito says:

    >It's all my fault!!!!!

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