>Anime Afterlife Podcast Episode 10: The Spooktacular Show


This week we are joined with guests, Joseqq and Lerxst, to discuss what we’ve been reading or watching for the past week. This show isn’t so spooky as the title implies, but FUCK IT, it’s Halloween and we should celebrate it. The show includes Joseqq’s review of Black Lagoon, Lerxst’s review of Strawberry Panic, King’s review of Ronin Warriors, Ven’s review of Apocalypse Zero, and my review of Detroit Metal City. OoooooOoooo spooky….

Download the show here: Anime Afterlife Podcast Episode 10: The Spooktacular Show
(Right click link, select ‘Save link as..’)

Our top 5 this week was Top 5 Wanted Sequels
Download the top 5 here: Top 5 Wanted Sequels

News this week:
Appleseed 13 CG anime series greenlit
New SHAFT anime to be Maho Shojo madoka magika
Isshoni training ofuro bathing anime to ship in Dec.
Nippon animation president, Koichi Motohashi passes away
Maria holic tv anime gets 2nd season


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I watch anime on nearly a daily basis. I also try to read some manga every now and then.

3 Responses to >Anime Afterlife Podcast Episode 10: The Spooktacular Show

  1. Jeroz says:

    >I want a new DRRR series as well, but more about Simon and co. He's one of the least developed characters in the first season.Kida was shown to be taking a break with his gf at the end of the series so I don't get what you mean by inconclusive. Do you seriously want to see what they are doing when they are alone?

  2. >YES. But seriously, Kida just left and went off with his girlfriend. It's like the ending of Champloo. There wasn't enough closure between the characters, and made the ending seem a bit rushed. I just rather have it wrap up properly.

  3. Jeroz says:

    >He reached a resolution with his gf, made up with his friends, not to mention the yellow scarves problem are fixed. His personal battles are over, and is now trying a new beginning somewhere alone with his gf.The chatroom message indicates that he will be back, and that the fake mask that he wears will soon become reality. He's always the one that acts in a weird way by himself, often disappear for a while without notifying anyone. The way they finish the series fits his character. This time, we know what he's doing, so in a sense there's more info given than you would've expected.

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