>Winter 2010/11 Anime Line-Up!


Not quite official yet, but just a little taste of what is (hopefully) to come out this upcoming Winter season. Please address all complaints to DaveThe(AoiHanaHating)Zombie.

EDIT: Trailer for the anime Dragon Crisis due to air in January.

Sources: TheCartDriver ANN


About davethezombie
I watch anime on nearly a daily basis. I also try to read some manga every now and then.

2 Responses to >Winter 2010/11 Anime Line-Up!

  1. >Next season doesn't look very interesting imo, but I'm willing to check out some of those shows. And yes, fuck Aoi Hana.

  2. lerxst2112 says:

    >Kimi ni Todoke Season 2. That's whats going to save this winter season from being garbage

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