>Kimi Ni Todoke: Season 1 Review


Ah! The starting years of High School in Japan! It’s the beginning of Spring and the School year starts in Japan. Cherry Blossoms blooming across the fields and friendship is around the corner. First love is just near the first base! Your life has just pretty much begun and on to the road of your dreams. Well thats what I use to think of High School and to think of Japanese romance stories. Well heres our official Anime review!

Kimi Ni Todoke (君に届け) a title that translates to “Reaching to You” is a story about a young girl named Kuronuma Sawako; a girl thats gentle, kind, smart and pretty but she is misunderstood upon entering High School. She is mistaken as a frightening girl like a ghost or a supernaturalism figure; misinterpreted by her looks and the way she tries to communicate with others. Sawako is a just a girl who enjoys ghost stories and tries to put herself out there but fails to do so… She is only noticed by one person a boy named Kazehaya Shouta a popular guy amongst his classmates and really popular around girls too. He is kind and social person in the series and he understands Sawako and tries to help make her fit in and get to knows her well for who she really is. Sawako manages to be understood better when she meets Kazehaya in High School and manages to make some friends. Delinquents like Yano and Yoshida Chizuru who become major characters in her friendship and Ryu a quiet, small talk, tall and athletic guy. Thus bonding a friendship group between these characters.

The anime is pretty much a Romance mixed in with slice of life and comedy to it. You have a shy unpopular girl and a popular charming boy trying to get to know each and grow closer bit by bit in the first season. I find really adorable in cases when he can get any girl he wants but Sawako is a really big interest in Kazehaya mind. Whats starting to be a close friendship is about to be something closer but it takes time. Which the anime portrays progression on the relationship that they grow closer to each other but are they good enough for the next step? Theres an invisible bond between Sawako and Kazehaya such as finding a lost puppy and naming it together could be signs of future parenthood. Which in these cases it’s predictable sign that they are truly meant for each other.. It’s a 25 episode anime and it’s only the first season and the manga is on a bigger large scale. Love and friendship can’t be rushed in amount of time. The anime has it’s tender moments, slow durations and other character arcs showing other people’s stories in between alongside with some funny and dramatic episodes. As Kazehaya and Sawako grows closer, not only it’s going to be one be succession but problems along the way with jealously and drama. Episodes where they just hang out and get to know the friendship group. The season is pretty much just the starting point of it all till Second season shows up during the winter quarter.

The anime art is very beautiful in many ways and tries to be similar to the Manga version done by Shiina Karuho. It stands out simple and looks more naturally done compare to other Anime’s out there that really too much on blur and computer added effects. Looks more hand drawn as Shiina Karuho would of done it. The anime art kind of tries to portray the all the characters pretty well and fits right in with the setting. It’s original and respectful to the Manga and it’s creator in my opinion and thats what I love about the anime version even though it does look a bit renovated a bit.

It has some famous voice actors like Daisuke Namikawa as Kazehaya known in roles such as Gantz and Black Lagoon. Mamiko Noto as Sawako who has been in Elfen Lied and Clannad. They even had the famous Aya Hirano voice act a character in an arc of the story. Not only it has these great actors but a lot of other famous actors in the series and they do a fine job voicing these characters and giving them an animated personality.

As a guy watching and reviewing a romance anime, I highly enjoyed this one. It was touching, laughable and some cases tearful.. Made me feel frienship and love can bloom together whether anyones differences. Though it has some slow starting points and some arcs that interrupts the story, I wish they could of organized it some ways through order and pace but overall it’s good.

Well this Anime gets a 8.7/10

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2 Responses to >Kimi Ni Todoke: Season 1 Review

  1. Jackson says:

    >Wow~! That was so beautiful, I almost cried from the first episode. Thank you so very much for introducing me to this!

  2. lerxst2112 says:

    >My #3 anime of all time. I love this anime so much because the characters are so likable and you def feel for them for all the things they go through. The anime also stays true to everything that goes on in the mangaI'm REALLY looking forward to the 2nd season this January. Hope its just as good as the first season was

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