>The Fall of Anime?

>Now, this is a conversation I had a few days ago with a random person I had on a gaming chatroom:

<Anonymous>: All the new anime shows suck, anime isn’t good anymore.
 <Me>: Well, what about the fantastic shows that came out this year?
<Anonymous>: Like WHAT? NAME EM.
<Me>: Durarara, Shiki, Angel Beats,

Random person doesn’t say anything for awhile…

<Me>: Well?
<Anonymous>: Well what?
<Me>: Well, have you seen them?
<Anonymous>: Yeah.
<Me>: And?
<Anonymous>: And what? THEY SUCK.

And here is the point where I decide anything he says is void and null.

Now opinions are opinions and I can respect that, but to say all the new shows of anime is complete trash, compared to the old one, is ridiculous to me. In fact, I could say that anime is getting progressively better, even if it’s just by little steps. Of course, I cannot disregard the classics like Tenchi Muyo, and Akira. Those were part of the most influential animes during their time, no argument about that. But let’s face it here. Nowadays, the art style of most animes look sleeker, more directors are trying new art styles, new styles of telling a story. So much has changed since the 60s to the 90s and so on.

Voice acting has certainly approved, both english and japanese dub wise. Back in the day, it was so……how do I put this…. shitty. I mean, just look at Sailor Moon. I loved that show. Ven loved it. We all watched it with our sisters at some point. But looking at the dub now, it’s completely atrocious. The cat has some British accent which severely puts me off, and Sailor Moon has some bratty irksome voice. 

Now if this dub doesn’t make you itch all over, I don’t know what will. Now let’s look at Samurai Champloo, which in my opinion, has an excellent dub. You really can’t go wrong with Steve Blum.

Now that is improvement. These voice actors and actresses certainly know the kind of character they are and should be in their role. Every word is spoken with their full on effort, to breathe life into the character on screen.

I simply don’t understand the people who will always choose the old animes over the new. There’s plenty of gems in the rough, and there will always be at least one fantastic anime every year. True, a lot of it can be crap. I won’t deny that. But I sincerely doubt it was any better in the 80s or 90s much less.


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I watch anime on nearly a daily basis. I also try to read some manga every now and then.

3 Responses to >The Fall of Anime?

  1. Vensito says:

    >I find it kinda reversed though, in the way that most of the more interesting animes have come out in the past 3 or 4 years. If you think Clannad After Story sucks then I have no words for you, and that was 2008/09. Same with Brotherhood which was 2009/10. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to watch Outlaw Star, Trigun, LOGH, Tenchi Muyo, and Rurouni Kenshin while I spread coffee on my walls so I can get the feeling that I'm back in the 90s. By the way, I have yet to see an anime pre-2000 that has made me it's bitch, but I'm putting my hopes on Legend of Galactic Heroes.

  2. drasil says:

    >Also people began to take anime more seriously in the years which it started gaining popularity, so a higher level of voice-acting was required of anyone who wants to be in the industry. Even my theatre professor was talking about how difficult it is and how amazing people are at being able to put such passion and emotions in a character by simply using their voice. I personally feel I can't even connect with any other form of storytelling anymore as much as I do with anime because of some of these incredible voice actors who are not only able to put such passion and emotions in their characters, but are able to convey those feelings to the point where the is absolutely no problem in regards to the language barrier.P.S. I'm eagerly anticipating an end of the year show with top 5 animes of 2010.

  3. >Amen, dras. It feels like voice actors and actresses are in a whole other league where they could build up on their profession. To see people put so much effort into creating their characters makes me appreciate those people that much more.

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