>Anime Afterlife Podcast Episode 15: The Bro-hood Show

>This week, we are joined once again with guest, Joseqq to talk about what we’ve been watching for the past week. The show includes Joseqq’s review of Azamaru , Ven and Racc’s joint review of Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and my review of Air Gear. I’m aware that it’s been awhile since we released a show, almost two weeks now, yikes. But hey, it’s the holidays and who doesn’t have stuff to do over the holidays. I’m glad to be able to have more time to watch more shows, and read up on more manga, and finally Ven can shut the fuck up about Brotherhood. I’ve made it my true decision to keep Brotherhood as something to watch when I have nothing else to watch. Take that, over-hype. I’m also sorry to see Richard go, as this may have been his last show. Apparently, he’s being pre-occupied with other stuff, so I wish him the best of luck on that endeavor. Anyhow, I hope everyone is having an excellent holiday season. I know I certainly am. Next week will be our End of the Year Awards Show, where we go down the categories of the shows of 2010 truly deserving of those titles. But what’s truly special about this show is that it will be free for all. That means who wants to join in on the show is welcome to come! It would help to notify me in advance if you are thinking of being part of the show, but it’s not required. I’ll list the categories tomorrow, so everyone can get an idea of what they want to choose.

Download the show here: Anime Afterlife Podcast Episode 15: The Bro-hood Show
(Right click link, select ‘Save as..’)

Our top 5 this week is Top 5 Best Anime or Manga Casts.
Download the show here: Top 5 Best Anime or Manga Casts

News this week:
Youth Ordinance Bill Passed
New Ghibli film announced
Spice and Wolf Light Novel series ending
Tatami Galaxy wins Media Arts Awards

(And yes dras, expect a Fate/Zero blog post in the near future)


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