>Beelzebub Impressions

>So the year of 2011 has started, and we’ve just delved into the area of the winter season of animes. Some interesting stuff has come out, some… rather odd. But of the ones I’ve watched, Beelzebub struck me as one of a kind.

A show with an awesome delinquent since Harima.

Well geez, just what IS Beelzebub? Beelzebub starts out featuring a delinquent by the name of Oga Tatsumi, a renowned student at Ishiyama High, for being the strongest of the delinquents at his school. As he’s viciously beating down students, a cute little baby with green hair attached to him, electrocutes anyone who may inflict harm onto Oga. Oga explains to his friend, Takayuki, that he discovered the baby who popped out of a demon body suit floating down the river. Ever since, Oga has been recognized as a father by the kid. Oga and his friend are later confronted by Hildegarda, a servant of the baby demon lord who is attached to Oga. The baby is finally presented to be Beelzebub the IV, the son of the demon lord, sent to Earth to smite all of humanity. What follows later on is a series of insane and exciting moments of explosion after explosion following Oga’s path.

What I enjoyed about Beelzebub is the interesting characters held in the show. Oga may look like a cliche delinquent on the outside, but he’s got a heart of gold on the inside. The guy’s risking life and limb to take care of Beelzebub when he barely knows the kid. If anything, he’s one of the delinquents I actually admire, such as Harima in School Rumble. Hildegarda is an interesting looking character having a gothic lolita appearance, but wields powerful demon powers. My only beef in the show is with Beelzebub himself. He’s a cute little sprout, but since he’s just a baby, I can see his cries and constant electrocution abilities getting repetitive.

Damn, that’s hot.

Beelzebub is being conducted by Studio Pierrot , a company known for doing infamous shounen manga adaptations, such as Bleach and Naruto. Now, I’m no fan of either of those works, but I know that they’re not popular for no reason, so they must be doing something right. My fear of Beelzebub lies in how exactly it’ll pan out. Turning into a cliche shounen series, is the last thing I’d want. I’m perfectly fine with Fairy Tail, thanks. The humor, animation, voice acting are all done just fine, for the first episode at least. What worries is me that all those might deteriorate as the show progresses. Just taking a look at Naruto’s animation, and watching it jump around, is a real headache. If they can make this quality the way it is right now, at least on a consist flow, Beelzebub might turn out to be a pretty damn good series. But now, only time will tell.

Oh, and that little penis. How adorable.

Bitches don’t know about my baby penis.


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