>Evangelion: Coming to a theater near you!


That’s right. Eva 2.0 is being released to selected theaters across the nation, as provided by Funimation. The screenings are only during this month, so if you wanna see it in a theater, better to order tickets now! The funimation site lists the scheduled screenings for the movie, so you can see when they’ll be in your city. I myself, will be attending one of the screenings, in LA, at the Downtown Independent theatre, so if anyone is in the area, lemme know! I know Ven will be attending the one in Seattle, which is a screening that occurs this week. So we’ll probably hear from him how it’ll go down. Are you going to see Eva?


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I watch anime on nearly a daily basis. I also try to read some manga every now and then.

One Response to >Evangelion: Coming to a theater near you!

  1. drasil says:

    >Heard about this a month ago, and am set to go to the screening near my residence. Unfortunately the screening I will be attending will only have EVA 2.0 and not both films back to back as some locations will have.

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