>Gosick First Impressions!


Well lets face it, I was hyping this show up for quite some time after I heard about it, since it comes from the infamous anime studio Bones(FMA/Brotherhood, Darker than Black, Soul Eater). The thing that kinda brought my mood down about it though was that it was being directed by Hitoshi Nanba, who most notably directed Heroman. To be fair though, it wasn’t bad directing on his part >_> I just personally couldn’t watch Heroman all the way through. To my surprise though, the first episode of Gosick shows a ton of promise for the new upcoming series.

The anime takes place during the 1920s and is has that sort of feeling of the era to it I guess, our main character Kazuya Kujou, better known as “The Reaper”, is the new transfer student at St. Marguerite Academy and the first thing he does is go to the library……>_> Yeahhhhhhhhhh. There he meets Victorique de Blois, a very…..well odd little girl who slightly reminds me of Cossette from Le Portrait de Petit Cossette..

The episode displays it’s detectiveness with a classic murder mystery, involving a butler, a maid, and a language barrier. It was solved in a very Sherlock Holmes’y way by our favorite lolita. All she needs now is a tobacco pipe and we can get this show on the road!

Where did she get that anyway?

Seriously though, this was definitely one of the more interesting first episodes of the Winter season and I’m looking forward to more lovely detectiveness in the future. By the way, this guy’s hair is awesome:


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3 Responses to >Gosick First Impressions!

  1. Jeroz says:

    >from my own experience, this episode fell short of getting me hooked. If the detective works don't get improved I'll likely drop it because the one in this episode is really lackluster.

  2. >I didn't really feel Gosick was that interesting from the first episode, but I'll see where it goes. Perhaps detective shows aren't my cup of tea.

  3. lerxst2112 says:

    >Oh come on, she solves murders, has a pipe, and rolls around on the floor when she is bored. WHAT'S NOT TO LIKE???

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