>Fractale: First Impressions

>Now, I’ve gone through most of the winter shows. Some were pretty interesting, some not so much. Some very surprising ones like Wandering Son, and Dragon Crisis. But I think it’s safe to say that my pick of this season will most definitely be Fractale.

Fractale takes place in the 22nd Century, on an island where peace and order is finally achieved by the inhabitants. Technology has flourished in many different respects, such as the creation of Dopples which are avatars for people to perform duties for them in a distant place, and music players that can access a wide range of information by small data chips. The whole idea of it is simply astounding. The story follows 14 year old, Clain, who lives with his Parent dopples, a pair of odd looking and colorful shapes to represent their beings. One day, Clain discovers a girl flying around on some sort of flight device, something that closely resembles the one Naussica uses, who is being chased around by some organization floating in a sort of blimp aircraft. The girl, Phryen, is gunned down as she leaps from her aircraft onto a cliffside, getting away with her life, but leaving herself unconscious. Clain, being the little good boy that he is, decides to help her and brings her to his place, to keep her protected from the group of people who were hunting her. Clain notices that she’s a sort of priestess, carrying around an interesting looking emblem. Perhaps it holds the key to the Fractale system?

Fractale has, undoubtedly, some of the best animation I’ve seen in a long time. The character movements and camera pans are down so swiftly and smoothly, it’s a wonder how much time and effort the animation team put into creating this series. The art style is just oh so appealing to the eye. The dopples are creative looking avatars, almost looking like something I’d see in Summer Wars. The characters are extraordinarily drawn well, with every shadow enveloping their faces so cleanly. It certainly brings the characters the life with this art style, a sense of Studio Ghibli floating around.

Fractale is being conducted by studio A-1 Pictures, and Ordet. Ordet barely has any shows under its belt, but A-1 certainly has some fairly good shows it has conducted over the past few years, notably Kannagi and Working!, two shows I really enjoyed watching. Like Fractale, Kannagi boasts of great animation, and fluidity if anything, though it’s story is not its strongest point. Its easy to see how well A-1 can excel in its animation department, seeing them put so much effort into creating every character’s movement and action in some of their works.

 Fractale definitely has a lot of potential to be a fantastic show. I adore the originality of the world, the animation, and even the characters, though they might seem a bit rather cliche, but nevertheless, I extremely enjoyed watching it. I truly believe Fractale is one of the few shows where so much time and effort has been poured into this series, to make it as great as the producers possibly can. I ran into this series not expecting anything, but it did surprise me, leaving me with high expectations for this show. I’m little worried, and curious to see where this short series will lead me, but I anticipate seeing the next episodes nevertheless.


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2 Responses to >Fractale: First Impressions

  1. drasil says:

    >I haven't seen it yet (and I will soon), but from the way you describe it it sounds like it has a lot of the elements that really made me love Dennou Coil, which has me excited. And speaking of which, Dennou Coil's definitely a possibility for one of our switcheroo dealies when I get finished with the other two that I still owe you.

  2. >I think you'd really enjoy it, dras. Maybe it has the same elements as Dennou, but either way, I think it's pretty damn great.

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