>Winter Season: Impressions Summary

>I’ve just about watched everything there is to watch this winter season. With the exceptions of a couple children shows, or ones that I won’t even bother touching and for a damn good reason too. But I’ve gotten the feel for this winter season, after one or two episodes from every show I’ve watched. Here’s how it wraps up:

Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?
Right off the bat after watching the first episode, I think of this show to be a mix of random insanity and nonsense compiled altogether with a rather odd concept for a show. The whole idea of a kid becoming a zombie and using those abilities to defeat who knows what, could be interesting. However, the humor is stretched to such a high degree of randomness, I fear it may end up in the same path as MM!. I can’t say some parts of the first episode didn’t make me feel awkward. Some of the humor isn’t exactly new either. I’ll see where it goes, but so far, I’m not too enthusiastic about it. 
Beelzebub is a pretty popular manga series, as far as I know, so I was anticipated to watch this series before the season started. The first episode was pretty new, and neat. The concept certainly has a lot of imagination. It’s not every day you hear a story about a delinquent being stuck to care for the son of a demon king. The VA for the main character, Oga, Katsuyuki Konishi, or better known as the voice of Kamina from Gurren Lagann, does a pretty good job during the episodes. Just the fact that he’s in the show is definitely a plus for me. I do face some problems with the two episodes I watched. Beelzebub cries too DAMN MUCH. I know he’s just a baby, but the cries are so irksome and obnoxious, it gives me just a headache to hear his every cry. The animation in Beelzebub can be pretty lazy at times. I shouldn’t be too surprised since it’s Studio Pierrot, but it’s definitely pretty low quality. So far, I’m moderately interested in the series. The humor is fair, but nothing to get too worked up about. 
Dragon Crisis!
Dragon Crisis starts off on a cliche start. The main character feels rather bland and unoriginal, his cousin is a college student who’s quite an eccentric character, he has a classmate who’s chasing after him but is painfully shy, and to top it off, a non-human girl who has no memories of her past life, but possess special abilities unknown to herself. Regardless, Dragon Crisis is a surprisingly and fairly entertaining show. The art style looks clean and appealing to the eye. The action sequences and animation are done smoothly, so a few points for that. Best of all, the main magical little girl is voiced by Rie Kugimiya, and because the main character is named Ryuuji, I’ll get to hear that name in that Taiga voice once more. There’s not too much to say based off of the first episode, but I do look forward to the rest of the series.
Fractale is absolutely beautiful and gorgeous. I adore the art style and animation which is easily the best of this season. The world based around Fractale feels like one of the most original I’ve ever seen. The series has an early century small town feel, yet it contains technology far surpassing its own look. The characters, Clain and Phryen, are rather interesting characters, Phryen especially with her own mysterious past we’ve yet to see. The series is conducted in such a high quality, it’s possible it could well be a masterpiece. Because this is solely based on my impressions from the first episode, I cannot wait to see what the rest of the episodes have in store for me. Definitely looking forward to the rest of the series.
Gosick is a perplexing show, one that I cannot seem to make sense out of, and yet it intrigues me. At first glance, it seems like a standard detective series, but the formula is mixed up a bit here. Here, we have a pipe-smoking rolling loli Victorique de Blois, who seems to be the star of the show. She’s an absolute genius at solving mysteries and crimes, but acts like the child she truly is on the inside. Her latchkey partner, Kazuya Kujo, is no more than the brawn and humor support of the show. One thing I notice about this show is that it requires your undivided attention at all times. I look away for a few seconds, and I miss a detail that is crucial to understanding the story. There’s cleverness in the show somewhere, but you’ll need to add the effort to think about it to find it. I don’t hate it, I’m just very very confused. 
Hourou Musuko
From the creator of Aoi Hana, comes Wandering son, or Hourou Musuko. Now I disliked Aoi Hana, mainly because it was a slow series that barely went anywhere, so already I was a little iffy on watching the next little project. Surprisingly, Wandering Son is a fairly interesting series, that focuses on a topic barely touched upon. The series presents the issues of human desire to cross dress, and their acceptance in their suburban society. The first episode was rather difficult to follow at first, seeing it not easy to realize which character is which gender. Their cross dressing can completely change around their gender, without any hint that they’re actually a boy or a girl. Later on in the show, however, it begins to pick up as we see the cross dressing boy struggling to become the opposite gender as he wrestles girl clothing from his older sister. I’m only worried if this show will ever have any light-hearted moments, because the first episode was filled with nothing but despair. I’ll just have to wait and see…
Level E
Level E is an odd show. A very very odd show. A human looking alien one day appears at a high school student’s apartment, and asks for his help. His ship has apparently crash landed somewhere, and he needs to get home. So what we have here is…. ET in anime form. The art style is certainly unique. It takes a little getting used to, as it doesn’t feel like the norm with the details placed on the characters. I’m not sure what to even think of this show. And… that’s all I got. 
Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica
Ah yes, the new show from SHAFT. Well, I’m no real fan of Magic girl shows, nor have I seen one in over 10 years, so I can’t help but say that I wasn’t too much from this show.  The characters in the show act like average schoolgirls, with average personalities. There’s nothing too exciting about them.  The show takes a pace for seriousness as the main girl, Madoka, is confronted with some cat-like creature who asks if she wants to be a magic girl. Why she would take up this offer? I wouldn’t know. Her life is rather normal and uninteresting, so maybe she’s doing this out of boredom. Which also expresses my thoughts on this show. Boring. The art style is kinda new and interesting, but that’s where all the excitement stops. For most of the show, barely any thing interesting happens and most of the dialogue is rather bland. Maybe there’s just one instance in the show of what I could consider pretty neat, like one of them wielding a huge ass gun to defeat some monster. Other than that, I don’t feel much for this show so far.
Mitsudomoe Zouryouchuu
Mitsudomoe season 2 has come, sooner than I thought it’d be. The second season continues from that little amusement park trip the girls took way back when. I wasn’t really expecting nor really looking forward to this season, but I don’t mind it in the least.  Mitusdomoe has some good humor here and there, but it’s pretty standard. There’s not too much to expect from mitsudomoe but the same jokes it always had from the start. It’s entertaining I suppose, but moreso just a time-waster.
Kimi ni Todoke Season 2
Alas, Kimi ni todoke season 2 has arrived, and fans can rejoice at this arrival. I haven’t seen the first season not too long ago, so I’m glad I didn’t have to wait too long for the new season. The second season starts off right where the first season left off where second season left off, where the new year has already begun and valentines day has taken place in the school.  Sawako is still shy as ever, which rather confusing to me. You’d think by the end of the first season, she’d grow a new pair or something. I was told there’s not too much development in the relationship between Sawako and Shouta to look forward to, which is a little disappointing to me. I can’t really blame the animators who apparently are trying to stick close to the manga. I suppose I’ll be fine with hand holding for now. Oh, and that blond bitch is back. FFFUUUUU-
Rio: Rainbow Gate!
Rio is a show centered around gambling and casinos, yet it is no more than a show filled with blatant fanservice, drawn in at almost every scene. It can be so forced sometimes, it’s almost too awkward to watch the series. Just watching the main character, Rio, being forced into revealing outfits, just makes me cringe all over. The little loli character, Mint, is an obnoxious little shit, that’s absolutely useless to the show. There’s no information given why she’s at the casino, nor why she’s by herself unsupervised by a guardian. The story actually picks up where Rio is confronted by people who desires to obtain her gate card. A deal who obtain all 13 gate cards obtains the titles as being the greatest dealer. Rio doesn’t seem too enthusiastic about the idea, which leaves me wondering why she’s even bothering to participate in such nonsense. Honestly, this show makes no sense to me. 
And here we have is another show with Tig Ol’ Bitties. Freezing starts off revealing a world where genetically modified schoolgirls are used to combat aliens, and are trained in a special school to train their abilities. Right off the bat, this show reminds me of Sekirei, but without the interesting concept. The main character, Kazuya, acts like a mere child, desperately desiring to have his deceased sister by his side. He’s confronted by one of the strongest genetically modified schoolgirls whom he recognizes as his sister and moons over her like a child to his mommy. Some scenes in Freezing can be so awkward to see, it’s a wonder how the animators created this without twitching. Flat out breasts are revealed constantly as there’s nothing to hide to the vieweres, yet there’s no reason for it. Freezing’s plot is also rather uninteresting, and mundane, there’s barely a moment of eye-catching scenes. 
Infinite Stratos
Honestly, this show looked kinda neat for the first few minutes, and slowly it began to degrade itself into a cliche mess. The main character acts like an idiot, though he’s skilled in combat as he pilots his personal Infinite Stratos, his battle suit, with barely any problems. There’s also such a high proportionality for male to females in the school, it’s crying for an insanely huge harem. The only character I remotely like in this series so far is the tsundere, Houki, or the childhood friend of the main character. She can be a little too  bitchy, but she makes it up for all the blushing moments.  I’ll admit IS gets neat when it comes to the battle sequences. The animation isn’t lazy in the least, and it can be pretty interesting to see how the battles play out. Unfortunately, that might be the only saving grace for IS, because everything else is rather plain.
Onii-chan no Koto nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara ne!
Geez, what a long title. Anyhow, I’m not exactly crazy over wincest shows where the little sister tries to gain the attention of her older brother. I don’t hate them either, but I’d put them on the level of OK-ness. The show centers around a little sister trying to make her perverted older brother fall in love with her so they can start a relationship and whatnot. Later, she discovers a secret that would change all that. It’s a silly little romcom show, entertaining but nothing too exciting. I did read a bit of the manga version which piqued my interest for the show. My only issue with the show is the disproportions of the characters. Huge hands and amazingly long legs are kinda freaky. Kinda.
Yumekui Merry
Another pretty odd show. The main character, Yumeji, is haunted by dreams of cats trying to claw him out. Why cats? Who the hell knows. Later, he meets a mysterious girl, Merry, who assists him in fighting off these “nightmare cats” when his dreams start to become a reality. Again, a show I’m not sure what to think of. The cat part especially is something that makes me feel iffy and overall makes the show look awkward. If it were anything else that looked more menacing, I’d be more interested in the show. The show does a poor job of explaining the world, and its characters, as Yumeji apparently has some ability to see some colorful aura around people. Again, why? I don’t even know. So far, this show’s passing off as a ‘meh’ to me.
So, that’s just about every show I’m watching this season. I’ll still be trying to catch up with the continuous shows like Bakuman and Index season 2, but the winter shows have my top priority. This winter season could be good, but as of now, I’m hanging right in the middle of a balance board, just swishing side to side, little by little.

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5 Responses to >Winter Season: Impressions Summary

  1. drasil says:

    >Yuki and Shii are pretty much the "comic relief" in Hourou Musuko in a very relevant way. Sasa and Maho as well, to a lesser extent, so I suppose that's where your light-heartedness will come from in the series. Also, I think the Takatsuki and Chiba's constant support of Shuu during his hard times gives a persistent feeling of "light-heartedness".

  2. >Ah, well that makes me feel a bit better about watching the series. I wouldn't mind the drama though.

  3. Jeroz says:

    >If you fail to spot the oppressing atmosphere and the potential backstabbing from that freaky looking mascot, you are not watching Madoka Magica right.

  4. lerxst2112 says:

    >Im watching all of these except Mitsudomoe 2 because after trying to watch through Tegami Bachi to watch Tegami Bachi Reverse, I've decided never to watch a first season while the second season is airing just to watch the second season. Just too much work

  5. Dakuro says:

    >Of the new animes of january I just like Gosick and Freezing.Thanks

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