>Just as planned.


Well not entirely. After about three months when my bet with Ven was made, I have successfully won. Today, the oscar nominees came out and in the Animated Feature category, is Toy Story 3, The Illusionist, and How to train your dragon. Summer Wars is no where to be seen, which is rather disappointing. Only three nominees in the category while there’s five in almost every other? Surely someone’s been smoking a bong here. Summer Wars was a great film, well deserving of praise, but they couldn’t make room for one more nominee in the Animated Feature category? I’ve already lost my faith in the Academy Awards years ago, but this is a new low. Of course, Toy Story 3 will win, because everyone loves Pixar and Pixar loves everyone because they’re the ones that give them the awards. It’s a real shame that mostly Pixar and Dreamworks are the only animation studios with a film in that category. Spirited Away was the first anime film to win an Academy award, so why not Summer Wars? I don’t think I’ll ever understand these people. At least I have the victory of making Ven watching my recommendations.


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I watch anime on nearly a daily basis. I also try to read some manga every now and then.

2 Responses to >Just as planned.

  1. SelfTorment says:

    >Yeah it sucks how Summer Wars got shut out like that but i never believe that they would win to begin with. I don't understand them either Summer Wars was a better moive then Toy Story 3 not to say Toy Story 3 was a bad movie but Summer Wars deserved to win something. oh well fuck the Academy award for this.

  2. Ju-osh says:

    >I’ve seen Summer Wars three times now, and I’ve enjoyed it more and more each viewing. And it’s not just me, either. As it deals with families (flesh & blood relations, adopted children, friends-as-family, etc.), I screened it for my girlfriend’s 20+ member, multi-generational family this past summer. From the littlest kid to the oldest Granny, they all said they LOVED it.As SelfTorment said, "fuck the Academy award." They're about as correct in their judging of what's "best" as a High School yearbook's superlatives pages.

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