>Music Video Monday #14: Uninstalled Edition


This week I chose Uninstall, by Chiaki Ishikawa, or better known as the OP to Bokurano. Bokurano was a good series, not GREAT, despite what Ven or King says. But I’ll admit, I really love the opening music. It’s sad, depressing, almost makes you feel so empty inside, especially if you know what happens in Bokurano. Really bad memories rush back to me. I need to go watch something happy…


About davethezombie
I watch anime on nearly a daily basis. I also try to read some manga every now and then.

2 Responses to >Music Video Monday #14: Uninstalled Edition

  1. Vensito says:

    >Pretty sure me and Gabe had a big discussion about this sometime, but I will stand by my comment for Bokurano. And I'm pretty sure King will always back me up.

  2. SelfTorment says:

    >Bokurano was very good and this song is amazing.love listening to it.

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