Mid-Season Impressions

We’re about halfway through the winter season, meaning most of the shows are already halfway through their run, and there’s a lot of promise. With an assortment of comedy, drama, and action, I was expecting to see a lot of satisfaction, and that’s what I’ve been getting. Here are a few of them.


Fractale is definitely the most visually satisfying show this season. The animation style feels very Hayao Miyazaki  and the character designs are smooth and relatively tame compared to other animes. The characters themselves are great and energetic. The story so far is entertaining for me, and I can tell there’s an underlying message that can be applied to the world today.


I haven’t seen any detective mystery anime (except for Higurashi if you consider it that), so GOSICK to me is a breath of fresh air. Since it’s from the studio BONES, the animation style is clean and colorful. So far, the characters are interesting and fun to watch. Victorique is one damn cute character, even most of the time she’s a serious and dark person, and the other characters are varying and mostly original. The story is stimulating, and it’s something that the viewer would want to take part in; solving mysteries.

Wandering Son

When I first saw Wandering Son, I had a lot of expectations. It has a unique animation style, using soft and smooth character models, and the colors are something I haven’t seen before. It looks like a moving painting, rather than a regular anime’s animation style. As for the story, dealing with human emotion and feeling is a touchy topic, especially when it involves cross-dressing.  In Wandering Son, the drama ensued revolving around the characters and their feelings about themselves and their sexuality is handled maturely on a small scale, that with some  thinking can be applied to a larger one. At a simpler standpoint, the love triangle drama is interesting, and I hope to see more.

Onii-chan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Daraka ne!!

I was excited to see another Onii-chan anime. I’ve only seen one other, to be honest (Oreimo). Onii-chan no Koto is very funny. It’s jokes are crude and direct, and it’s amusing. Even the ecchi itself is a joke. The characters are pretty simple, not too much depth, but not very generic. It’s animation style is easily the most odd one I’ve ever seen.  The story isn’t serious at all, and it’s going smooth. I don’t expect to be blown away by Onii-chan, but I expect a lot of laughs.


I like ecchi just as much as the next guy. Probably more. And Freezing is full of it. Even though it is, Freezing isn’t bad. It’s story is pretty good, but in a small scope that amounts to school drama, it seems a lot less serious making it seem a  little brainless. The characters are nothing too special, and the animation is a little plain. I don’t expect too much to come from Freezing, but if something will turn the story around and bring it to a larger scale, I’d be surprised. It’s material sets it up for it, so I’m hoping for that.

Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka?

Also known as Dyson (coined by Ayako). I like Zombie. It’s funny, and it has a pretty good story so far. It’s humor at times is laughable, and even though some gags have been recycled quite a bit, it’s still funny. The girls are cute, and the main character is cool.  Otherwise, it’s a calm show that occasionally becomes a little hectic.  I like to watch Zombie for when I just want a smooth and calm show, and I hope that it stays that way.

Kimi ni Todoke Season 2

Also known as Bubbles the Sequel (coined by fansub group GG). Kimi ni Todoke is one of the most impressive romance stories I’ve seen. It’s romance scenarios seem a lot more real than others, dealing with the drama that would actually happen between two [good] high school students. At the same time, KnT was very funny, and using super-deformed characters made it even better. To add to that, Pin is one of the best supporting characters in the history of anime. Now in the second season, we get to see more of all that, and the winding love story between Sawako and Kazehaya. So far, it’s been great; dramatic and infuriating (which makes it all the more better). I’m disappointed that the series is only 13 episodes long, and won’t be able to end it well, because I really really want it to.

Puella Magi (Mahou Shoujo) Madoka Magica

For the record, I love SHAFT. The first SHAFT anime I watched was Negima!?. If you know SHAFT’s style of animation, you’d know what I like about their anime. So when I heard that SHAFT was doing a winter anime, I was hoping that they would preserve that animation style. Thank god they did. This show is amazing in several ways. It’s animation style (other than that of SHAFT’s trademark techniques) is clean and bright, and at the same time dark and rough. The character models are unique, and the characters themselves are interesting. The soundtrack varies from dark and eerie, to happy and uplifting, to sad and melancholy. I hate to be redundant, but SHAFT’s trademark animation of drawn images mixed into the show is the creepiest, yet incredible. The story has shifted from a uniquely typical magical girl to a dark tragedy. I look forward to a lot more.

Yumekui Merry

At first, I was very impressed by Yumekui Merry. It’s art style is very detailed and colorful, resembling a pastel painting. The character models are fairly unique, and they themselves are unique too. The story seems to be good as it stands, although the pace is a little too fast. Other than being too fast, I don’t really have problems with it. It’s entertaining, it’s cute, and sometimes it’s funny. I really can’t find much other to say other than what’s already been pointed out, but the show is a lot better than I thought it would be. (Not enough navel shots, btw).


That’s it for Winter Mid-Season impressions. I may do an end season impressions, but do look forward to more for Spring and upcoming seasons.

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7 Responses to Mid-Season Impressions

  1. I feel like I’m among a minority when I say I’m easily bored by Merry. I wanted to like the show, but I just can’t.

    About Madoka, I thought about it, and at first, I was really iffy on it. But Jose made a good point, if this wasn’t called Madoka Magica, people wouldn’t rage as much. I do find the side characters more interesting than the main one herself.

    Agreed on Wandering Son. Unexpectedly good and interesting plot-wise. The characters are a little too… shiny, but that’s about my only complaint.

    Agreed on Fractale, though the last episode was rather odd. Will have to keep watching.

    And GAWD gabe, why aren’t you watching Level E?!

    • drasil says:

      I just personally really like the manga better for Wandering Son. Just the sheer amount of emotions that are sometimes captured in a single page is amazing. The pacing is off in the anime even if you had read the manga up to where it started. I can understand how the “shiny-ness” can be annoying, but I think it’s easily overlooked.

    • joseqq says:

      I second Level E! go watch it! you are missing out just like you did with Kuragehime last season.

  2. lerxst2112 says:


  3. joseqq says:

    Who the fuck made this post? I see no name >_>

    Yes, Freezing is definitely a “brainless anime”, I will probably use that phrase for many forthcoming shows and shows i have yet to watch. I find Sekirei to have at least more brains than this.

    I also see there’s no impression on Rio Rainbow or Dragon Crisis, *sad face*, fuck Dragon Crisis, each episode I tell myself I will drop it but I know I can bare with it, I’ll probably drop it on the last episode just like MM! last season.

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