First Impressions on Yotsuba

So I finally got around to reading some Yotsuba, the famous manga series created by Kiyohiko Azuma, the same creator of Azumanga Daioh, and I must say this is some pretty damn funny stuff.

The premise of Yotsuba is that it starts with a father moving into a new neighborhood with his 5 year old adopted daughter, Yotsuba, and essentially sharing good times with their neighbors, the Ayase family. Now I’m not an avid manga reader, though I do try to get some in every now and then, but I quickly managed to pick up Yotsuba easily, and catch on to the humor. Yotsuba is an adorable, naive yet clever, girl, who always manages to get a laugh out of you. The way she views the world is so interesting, mainly because of how she interprets various things so very differently from the adults. Sometimes she’ll take things literally, to the extreme, and often creating a fictional and imaginative world for herself. It’s odd to see things from the view of a 5 year old, and yet it’s so appealing.

While I read Yotsuba, I just feel at ease. The series is silly antics being thrown around, and Yotsuba experiencing the world around her in all sorts of zany ways, but it reminds of me of simpler, and happier times. It’s almost a reflection of my own childhood, when I used to think this way. I’d come up with these kooky theories that grown ups didn’t understand, or couldn’t relate with. I’d build my own imaginative world around me, only existent through my eyes. Being 5 years old meant you didn’t really care about any serious issues in the adult world or whatnot, but only what mattered to you and how you saw it.

The side characters aren’t the most fascinating, but they are the building stones to creating the comedy of Yotsuba. Because of them, it is how Yotsuba learns new things, and experiences a different view on the world. They’re not terrible people at all (except Yanda), as in they’re always supportive of Yotsuba’s ideas. It’s all so very peaceful and light-hearted in the neighborhood, as there’s mainly scenes of just the neighbors and Yotsuba just hanging around and enjoying a good time.

It’s a bit of a shame that Yotsuba will never be animated, knowing the creator has no interest in making one. I truly think it could be done quite well, given the right studio to animate it and the right voice actors and actresses to fit the appropriate roles. Regardless, the manga is an excellent read so far, and I shall likely catch up to the recent chapters in the next few days, maybe hours, or so.


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I watch anime on nearly a daily basis. I also try to read some manga every now and then.

3 Responses to First Impressions on Yotsuba

  1. lerxst2112 says:

    Its funny….

    When Gabe makes a post about Clannad, a series he talks about all the time, he gets many comments on said post.

    But when you Dave make a post about Yotsuba, a manga we have been telling you to read and talk more about, no comments what-so-ever.

    Kinda makes ya giggle on the inside

  2. sudatama says:

    I was too busy at Barnes and Noble reading Yotsuba. 😀
    But anywho, Yotsuba just gets better and better every chapter, so you have a lot to look forward too. As for the characters, I love everyone… except Yanda. He is evil, and the next time there is a Top 5 villains, he should be on everyone’s number 1.

  3. vensito says:

    We already did Top 5 Villains punk, and I’m pretty sure Yanda was my number one >_>…

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