Doin’ the laundry

Spring season is approaching, and I have some 33 or so shows on that sping list to watch, and yet, I have a mighty laundry list to complete. It’s not easy to marathon a series, at least for me. I’ll admit to having a short attention span, as I’ll occasionally drift my mind into visiting other sites right after I complete an episode or even while the episode is playing. Nevertheless, I try to finish it either way.

Here’s a few things I have to get out of the way before the spring season:

A few days ago I started watching Trigun, out of curiosity, and partially due to the hype built around this series. I’ve enjoyed it from the first few episodes I’ve seen, but at the same time, it feel so underwhelming. Whenever an action seems to built up, I’m left with some half-assed scene where everything just works out for the best in the end. Vash is an interesting little character. He’s loose and pretty ecstatic, but he’s so pathetic when it comes to ‘acting cool and sly’, it drops the mood to a point where I feel just uncomfortable watching the show. Regardless, I do enjoy the premise of Trigun, and will keep watching where it goes.

Show progress: 3/26 episodes


Last Exile was another one of those shows I began watching on a whim. I’ve only seen the first episode of this, but the production quality is without a doubt, top notch. I’m still rather confused about the premise and plot of Last Exile, but I just can’t judge this quite yet on what little I’ve seen. Oh, and I am watching this dubbed, which I think is done quite well. There aren’t any english VAs I recongize, which is completely fine, as I see they do a fine job with their roles regardless. It’s not quite at the top of my priority list, but I’ll have this show in the space of ‘When I have nothing else to watch’ area.

Show progress: 1/26 episodes

You know, I realized I’m a tough cookie to crack when it comes to anime humor. There’s only a few shows which I’ll admit to laughing out loud on, but even those can be said to have humor that isn’t exactly for everyone. I simply cannot laugh at Hayate: The Combat Butler, despite its countless gags and whatnot. They feel too corny and forced upon the viewer, nearly screaming out “Hey! We’re funny! Right? RIGHT!?”. Almost as bad as ‘My bride is a mermaid’.  It puts me in an awkward position when I’m watching this, and I see hundred of other people across the internet boards saying how much they laughed at this show. I don’t understand. It’s fairly entertaining though, but that alone can’t sustain my complete interest in watching the show. Not even one of my favorite seiyuus, Rie Kugumiya, could make this show fantastic. (Though I’m aware she’s been in worse.)

Show progress: 30/52 episodes


Ah Future Diary, how you torment every day, begging me to finish your chapter and volumes. I started this months ago, but I’ve always had a hard to invest the time to get into reading the rest of this series. The plot of Future Diary is so complex and convoluted, it takes quite a bit of thinking as you read it. That’s not to say that I’m complaining about that aspect of Future Diary. It’s more of a ‘It’s me, not you’ relationship, where I just need to push myself to read into this series. Believe me, this is one of the most creative concepts for a manga I’ve read so far, but it’s so much to take in all at once. It’ll take some time for me to completely bask myself into this series, but I’ll get there. Someday.

Manga progress: 10/59 chapters


About davethezombie
I watch anime on nearly a daily basis. I also try to read some manga every now and then.

2 Responses to Doin’ the laundry

  1. Tenshibo says:

    If you just go for it, you can marathon a series no prob Dave.
    I did Toradora and Deathnote in one sitting each.
    Just make a day out of it when you have nothing to do, after getting a good nights sleep. You can do it. BELIEVE IT!!!

  2. noam says:

    Trigun is going to be a little bit darker soon, you will see.
    And Mirai Nikki is awesome. But it has a lot of out of place twists.

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