Happy Birthday to Venseetoh!

Hey Ven, it’s your birthday brah. Welcome to the new age of… 20! 20 years ago you slipped out of your wet mother’s womb with a manga volume in your hands, and entered the world. And yet here you are 20 years later, still reading mahngah! So yeah! Congrats on being 20!
And now a song to celebrate to!


And now to fill this post with shit you like with pictures of cake and images I don’t own! YAAAAAY!



About davethezombie
I watch anime on nearly a daily basis. I also try to read some manga every now and then.

One Response to Happy Birthday to Venseetoh!

  1. vensito says:

    Thanks mayne glad to see some There She Is! music being put to good use for once.

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