First Impressions: Tiger and Bunny

Wow, this spring season is already off to a good start! After seeing the first episodes of Tiger and Bunny and Nichijou, I have a good feeling that this new season will be quite an enjoyable ride.

Tiger and Bunny is set in Sternbild City, home to superhuman beings known as “Next” who use their abilities and powers to protect the civilians of the city and maintain peace and order. The city is monitored by “Hero TV”, a popular tv show that ranks superheroes based on their actions and how well they can do their duty.  Wild Tiger is one of the veteran superheroes, and our main protagonist, who is seemingly being overshadowed by a very popular superhero known as Sky High. As it turns out, Wild Tiger is actually an ordinary family man when he’s not battling crime. He has a small daughter living with his mother, signifying that his wife may have passed away. We see that he’s no longer in the spotlight, as the public begins to show less admiration for him, and more for their idolized hero, Sky High.

Tiger and Bunny can best be described as the anime form of the Incredibles. Take a washed up superhero, add in another life to which the superhero is a family man, and his ultimate quest to regain his status as being everyone’s favorite superhero. It’s an interesting premise. We see that being a superhero isn’t the life to idolize, but rather just another job to deal with. Heroes must also pay for the damages they inflict upon the city while they try to catch criminals, and wear logos from various companies on their costumes, as they are being sponsored by them. It resembles a situation where they must do whatever it takes to get by. On the outside they are knights in shining armor, but in the inside they are just ordinary people with jobs.

The first episode demonstrated well animated action sequences, as heroes combine their efforts to stop crime in action. There have been some complaints about the CGI used in this episode, but personally, I wasn’t too bothered by it. It’s certainly not the best CGI I’ve seen, but it’s far from being terrible. I absolutely love the character designs in Tiger & Bunny. The costumes for the different superheroes are so very unique, and well crafted. A great mix of Tiger-ish costumes, to the yellow Chinese suit, allows this show to look very appealing.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Tiger and Bunny before I viewed its first episode. I haven’t heard very much buzz from this show, but coming from a well known studio, Sunrise, with notable works such as Big O, Cowboy Bebop, and Gintama, it showed a lot of potential. The first episode certainly grabbed me and pulled me in, as it immediately throws its audience in the midst of a chase between criminals and superheroes. To top it off, it’s set in the perspective of the cameramen of Hero TV, displaying that it’s no ordinary news report, but rather a game between these superheroes to see who can come out on top and prove themselves as the best. I’m well anticipating where Tiger & Bunny will lead me.


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