Anime OST: Angel Beats!

Angel Beats! Original Soundtrack

Composed by ANANT-GARDE EYES and Jun Maeda, Angel Beats!’ soundtrack uses strings and mainly piano for dramatic and deep tones that stand out by themselves as do they along with the show’s animation.

Notable Tracks:

Disc 1

Disc 2


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2 Responses to Anime OST: Angel Beats!

  1. Jun Maeda does have a bent towards writing some very solid, emotional pieces. Of course, if that’s all this soundtrack is made up of, it could be boring, so I do appreciate the piano arpeggios he scatters about along with an interesting chiptune track to hold my attention. At least, that’s what stood out most when I took a look at it through my review awhile back.

    • sudatama says:

      His piano tracks were incredible, that much is true, and it’s the emotional pieces that I love the most. But aside from those, the assortment of high energy and silly chiptune tracks and battle music worked great with the anime, and I enjoyed them a lot.

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