A Channel First Impressions!

Alright, finally get to knock this one off the board. Probably not surprising at all that this is one of those animes I’ve been highly anticipating because I’m somewhat a fan of the manga. A Channel is a comedic anime about a group of 4 girls, Nagi, Run, Yuuko and Tooru, and their life in high school. Run is the energetic and popular girl at school who is always in the middle of a crowd of people, while Tooru is more of a distant person and only really shows interest when it comes to Run, she is also a year younger than the other three and likes to carry a metal bat around with her. Yuuko is kind of timid and always gets into suggestive situations with Run which is why Tooru doesn’t really like her. And Nagi is just Nagi… pretty much the level-headed character so far.

Since the manga is a 4-koma, I didn’t really know what to expect from the anime, but I thought they handled it very nicely. The first episode deals with a few short pieces from the beginning of the manga that flowed together quite nicely and made the episode, overall, flow really well. I wasn’t expecting to laugh too much during it, but I did and it was great. I really liked seeing everyone in animation, even though it seemed like the studio might have taken a risk with how they use CG to animate the characters/backgrounds in a few scenes, but I thought it looked cool so I can’t really complain.

I remember being really excited when I heard Run and Tooru were being voiced by Kaori Fukuhara(Tsukasa from Lucky Star) and Aoi Yuuki(Victorique from Gosick) and they did not disappoint. Well, at first I might have been a little skeptical, but when I heard them I thought they fit really well and had no complaints so now I’m even happier >.<!– The music seemed very laid-back and up-beat at times which definitely fit the mood, but I would have liked to hear a little more variety in the songs. I guess it’s better than having Tooru swinging a bat around to heavy metal or something(that sounds awesome) but anyway I’m getting off topic. All in all I really liked the music but I’m hoping for a little more variety in the following episodes.

Overall though, I really enjoyed this more than I thought I would. I still think Nichijou had the better first episode, but it’s kinda hard to one-up KyoAni so I don’t hold anything against them. I just hope the anime doesn’t slow down in the middle since they have a lot of content to work with, but I am worried that the manga is still not even 20 chapters in and as of now the anime is kind of up in the air for how long it’s going to be. But I’ll just wait and see and I hope for the best for future episodes!


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One Response to A Channel First Impressions!

  1. First episode felt a lot like watching Lucky Star, which to me, isn’t all too interesting to watch. I didn’t really laugh at it too. I’m not too keen on slice of life shows like this, so my expectations aren’t very high for it.

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