Back from Rehab!

Hey guess who is back? Yeah it’s me Richard, that one guy who don’t know but I left some time ago due to some issues. I guess it was nothing but an excuse just to do nothing out of laziness. I was absent a lot on posts, podcasts and ignore the team. I was a very bad team player and I apologize to everyone, for my neglect and harsh behavior. I guess was pretty huge Dick considering my name is Richard and i’m 5’5. Heh! I guess you can expect me to be a guest on the show and to do reviews! I’m starting a project to gain more awareness to this site and bring journalism to Otaku culture to a whole level! HELL YEAH!!!

I’m off trying to get some Fan girls who would do this!



About tanukininja
Hello, I am just an average person who loves to share his opinions on the media. Such as Gaming and anime. Very fond of Japanese culture and some could say I am an Otaku.

One Response to Back from Rehab!

  1. Welcome back, ya drunk bastard.

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