Putting Ano Hana on Hold?

My temptation to follow this series weekly

I know drama. Drama works best as a marathon because your feelings from the last episode you watched haven’t changed. Watching drama weekly is a big no-no, unless you watch the previous episode before you watch the new episode. Even then, the show’s impact goes down substantially. With Clannad as an example you keep the same mood and feelings when you watch episode by episode, and that just makes the show all the more dramatic. But if you’re watching each episode every week, that’s a different story. A lot happens in a week, and I doubt anyone is able to maintain the feelings they had from the last episode, or conjure back what they felt seven days before.

Ano Hana seems like a great show, and I can tell that it’s going to be a really good drama. But watching it weekly sounds like a bad idea to me, since I really want to enjoy this show as much as I can, because I’m a big fan of drama. So I’m contemplating whether I should put this show on hold until it’s finished broadcasting so that I can marathon it.

Good idea, or bad idea?


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5 Responses to Putting Ano Hana on Hold?

  1. drasil says:

    Watch it as it airs. Well done drama should not be ending so flat at the end of an episode that you lose enthusiasm for its story just because you have to wait a week for the next episode. If anything the wait should be adding to the excitement. All those questions, uneasiness, and tension building up to a fever pitch as the day draws nearer to the new episode. Then after being so high-strung you explode with emotion as events unfold and get that much more into it.

  2. lerxst2112 says:

    Don’t be like Jose :V

  3. catchercatch says:

    Random commentator, so my opinion may not matter so much.
    I’m of the opinion, just as drasil is, that you should watch this show weekly. I find that the week-by-week viewing of drama only helps to further my excitement and emotions for the show. However, while I feel perfectly able to recall my emotions from the previous week (in fact, I feel that they are enhanced in intensity), if you are unable to, I believe it would be a very good idea to wait until the show is completed. I expect this to be a very good drama, and anything that would diminish from your emotional enjoyment of it should be avoided.

  4. Wuxia says:

    Im a dude so the whole crying thing isnt proper. I space the episodes out in order to reduce emotions the show tries to evoke.

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