More Spring 2011 Impressions from Dave (Part 2)

More Spring shows?!

Alright, time to finish up my impressions on the spring season. Here gooooooes….

Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko

So I was looking forward to this show to see what Shaft has cooked up this time. Sure, this show had a pretty similar art style as is a lot of Shaft shows. Not to say that it’s bad, just similar. The characters in Denpa are pretty quirky and interesting to follow. A girl who claims to be an alien from another planet, and her male human companion assisting her, feels reminiscent of the relationship created in Arakawa. Of course, this is where Shaft excels: Odd relationships. It’s definitely something that raises your eyebrow and makes you scratch your head. I’m not quite sure what to think of this show yet. The first episode didn’t have a very strong hook to it, but after watching the 2nd episode makes me consider what could be done later on. The main character will likely just be playing along with the girl who’s in her own little world, at least for awhile. But where to go from there? It’s the case of a wait-and-see show, but I’ll be sure to keep up with it as it broadcasts.

Maria Holic: Alive

And so the series from the 2009 Shaft show returns this spring season, with a new season. I’ve only actually watched it’s predecessor, Maria Holic, about a month ago. I enjoyed it for what it was. I had some laughs from the original series, and I should expect to have more in the sequel. Just like the World God Only Knows S2, it’s just simply more of the same material from the original series. It’s not necessarily a terrible thing. If the formula works and people who have enjoyed the original, there’s no real need to change up the humor or characters drastically. I do hope there is more screentime of the priest and dorm mother, as they were some of the characters that really made the original series pretty good for me.

Ao no Exorcist

Another show I’m on the fence about. Don’t get me wrong though. I was well interested into seeing this series before it came out. For a premise with a kid who’s supposedly the son of Satan and possess demon-like powers, I was high-strung on how potentially exciting this series could be. For most of the first episode, not too much occurs, other than the kid rescuing a small kid from a gang of hooligans. Near one of the last scenes, however, is when it raises itself to a supernatural level, where the son of Satan discovers his demon-like powers, and becomes aware of a whole other world than his own. My interests for this show became to dwindle a bit until that ending, which arises the thought in my head, “Now we’re getting somewhere…”. I’m not as excited as I was about this series before seeing the first episode, but it does hold enough appeal for me to keep following it closely.

Deadman Wonderland

I’m not quite sure why so many people are skeptical about this show. I thought the first episode had a wonderful hook (excuse the pun). From the same creators of Eureka 7 (which I also really enjoyed), this was near at the top of my most anticipated shows list.  At first glance, it looks like an ordinary slice of life story, then a flying red man appears! And he kills almost all of the students in the classroom, except our protagonist who is left alive and accused of the genocide that occurred that day. The idea of Deadman Wonderland is scary and thrilling. Prisoners left alive to entertain society, used to profit a devilish organization, while prisoners later die by “accidents”, or if they were to not consume a candy that would keep them alive for 3 more days. This is a whole other hellhole created by a madman. Just imagine being caught in a similar situation and wonder how you could keep your mentality. Oh, and the white-clothed female protagonist, Shiro, is voiced by one of my favorite seiyuu’s Kana Hanazawa. Definitely a plus for me.


Steins;Gate is an odd, odd, odd, odd, odd, show. For the first few episode I’ve seen, the show is filled with intricate and complex ideas of time travel, and perception of reality. It had a similar feel as its sister-work, Chaos;Head, which was an even bigger headache to understand. Some of the way they word these ideas, don’t seem very coherent, and can be difficult to grasp. All talk, and no show, makes it difficult to keep a confident interest into this series. That’s not to say I dislike everything about it. I do enjoy some of the characters included with rather unique personalities, such as the red-headed Kurisu. And yet, there are characters who feel rather obnoxious, such as the main male character, Rintarou, who comes off as extremely paranoid, much like the main character from Chaos;Head. The couple of episode after the first, has made me view it in a better light, but I worry if they’ll manage to take the right direction with this series.

Sket Dance

From the first few episode I’ve seen of Sket Dance, I’ve found it to be on the half-and-half side of entertaining. I felt some of its humor isn’t done very well, and neither are its characters as they aren’t a very interesting bunch. In the Sket club, are members who is an eccentric teenage boy, a down-to-earth tough girl, a nerd in glasses who speaks with his laptop. To be blunt, I’m not enjoying Sket dance very much. I dislike how it seemingly commits to random gags that come off as distractions, rather than an addition to the humor. I think the whole idea of a club dedicated to taking on odd jobs and helping others in comedic ways, is a horse beaten to death quite enough.


I’m not sure why I gave Madhouse the benefit of the doubt to pull off at least a half-decent adaptation of Marvel characters. I was wrong. Oh, so wrong. Some of the character designs are pretty poor, and just an eyesore to see. Beast, for whatever reason, looks like a blue puppy, and Cyclops…. Well cyclops is just the same whiny bitch he’s always been in every X-men series. I’ll admit Storm and Xavier look rather decent for the adaptation, but they are hardly the saving grace of this show. The dialogue and action are mediocre, maybe fine for a Saturday morning cartoon, but that’s simply poor presentation, especially in this day and age.

Ore-tachi ni tsubasa wa nai

I haven’t actually caught up to this show yet, but I have seen the first episode. All I can say now is that this show is full of perversion and fanservice. There are so many ridiculously unnecessary panty-shots, it almost makes me cringe every time it pops up. There are comparisons to Durarara, how it does commit to three different storylines, but it’s not as fluid or as clear to follow. I don’t see it yet, but perhaps, like Durarara, the lives of the people from the different storylines, will begin to interact with each other, their lives mingling into each other’s business. It’s easy to pass off this show with a shrug, as it’s not something exactly for everyone. It’s definitely not my type of humor, but I shall try to roll *along* with it for awhile.

Shouwa Monogatari

So I recently picked up this little new show, not knowing whatever it was about. The first episode revealed it to be a pretty nice looking slice of life series. What’s interesting is that it’s placed in the Showa year (1964), a simpler time for everyone. This series seems to mainly focus around the family relationships, much like the family relationships closely tied together in Summer Wars. It feels like a near realistic interpretation of an ordinary family. The child is sometimes getting trouble with his friend, his older brother refuses to work for his father, and while the father gambles and drinks, he means all well to do what’s best for his family. It’s an interestingly neat show. Some people may argue its slow pacing may defer their interest, but after all, this is a slice of  life show. I predict that the characters of the family may develop later on into the series.

So that’s all I’m really watching this season. I may look into Toriko, but I’m not excited about getting into another shonen series. After all, I’m currently watching Fairy Tail, and Beelzebub. Nevertheless, the spring season has a great roundup, and with a few exciting announcements for the Fall season with the P4 anime and Future Diary adaptations to come, this could well be an exciting year.


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2 Responses to More Spring 2011 Impressions from Dave (Part 2)

  1. sudatama says:

    I’m loving Denpa Onna. It’s quirky and interesting, and Erio being as cute and moe as she is makes it more enjoyable. And the show is less SHAFT-y, I should say.

    Maria Holic Alive is great :V The fact that they kept the original characters, story, and humor is the best thing they could do. I would probably like it less if they changed the story and humor.

    Ore Tachi seems interesting to me. Yeah, it’s full of a crapload of panty shots, but it seems to fall far from a perverted show. I hear the source material is really good, so I’m expecting something good from this show.

  2. Tenshibo says:

    Dave: while i haven’t watch the Ao no Exorcist anime yet, if it follows the manga, and depending on the speed, it will be slow for a bit, then speed up a lot, then slow down just a little, then go BOOM (in a good way)

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