Some Swag From Sakura-con

So another year of Sakuracon has ended, and this time I actually got my lazy butt out of my house long enough to attend it!……For one day……But that’s still great! I decided to attend on the last day since I thought there would be better deals and other really good excuses for me to pass on the first 2 days. But I deeply regret not being able to spend the previous 2 days at the wonderful WSCC as well. Sure I spent most of my time today waltzing around because I blew all my money on the FLCL bluray and Evangelion Manga among various other things, but I rather enjoyed walking around waiting for the next event to take place in the big Bandai Entertainment section of the exhibition hall.

I remember there being a K-ON! autograph session with Cristina Vee(Mio Akiyama) and Cassandra Lee Morris(Ritsu Tainaka) so I decided I should check it out but realized that I had nothing for them to sign, so I quickly bought the nearest K-ON! Bluray for about 30 or so dollars and had them all sign it. Along with them was Stephanie Sheh(Yui Hirasawa) and Tony Oliver who was the ADR Director for the anime, if you’re a Bleach fan you might know him as the voice of Ulquiorra Cifer or if you’re not, you may have heard of him voicing the main character of Vandread or Lupin III in Lupin III: Part II.

Gabe has told me that it’s an early release copy of the first K-ON! Bluray since it’s not supposed to come out until the 26th of this month, so I felt pretty happy about that. They also ran scenes from the first 2 episodes in English dub before the autograph session and the girls got together to do an improv by re-dubbing one of the scenes, it was great! After signing my copy of K-ON!, they all signed a poster and I got it for free because Bandai is awesome and they do things like that!

Then I went home fulfilled after walking around for another 20-40minutes. Now lets hope next year I can get Cristina Vee to sign my Blazblue copy and then my life will be complete >:3!


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4 Responses to Some Swag From Sakura-con

  1. joseqq says:

    Awesome, I missed out on Japanfest down here in Houston. Art work got in the way. I’ll go to A-Kon and AnimeFest though probably.

  2. lerxst2112 says:

    I fucking hate that I haven’t been to a Con in over 2 years. I would have gone to AnimeWeekendAtlanta a month ago but I was in Vegas when AWA was going on so I have to wait until September to attend or wait around until the next DragonCon comes around. God I miss Cons

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