Anime OST: Summer Wars

Composed by Akihiko Matsumoto, the Summer Wars soundtrack is an assortment of upbeat and eerie chiptune songs, energetic orchestra, awe-inspiring and emotional pieces, heavy action, and is just an incredibly well-rounded composition altogether. Akihiko’s focus on synthesized noises, strings, and piano are the strongest points of this album.

Notable Tracks:

Summer Wars Original Soundtrack 

Our Summer Dream

  • #01 – Our Summer Dream

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2 Responses to Anime OST: Summer Wars

  1. Matsumoto was a fairly unfamiliar name to me when I first chanced upon his works for the One Outs soundtrack. But since then, I’ve been fairly happy with the sheer diversity he’s put out. When I reviewed his Summer Wars soundtrack, I thought it could use a bit more polish, but the Overture in particular is excellent and I also like the synth that came out of the Oz theme. While I knew he did a great job with funk, his orchestral bits just blew me away completely.

    Definitely a composer to look out for.

    • sudatama says:

      His orchestra pieces are breathtaking, with Sakae in Action, The Summer Wars, and Everyone’s Courage being my favorite.

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