Touhou Unofficial Doujin Anime: A Summer Day’s Dream Impressions/review

Touhou: A Summer Day

Some may be aware of what Touhou is, some may not….


Just the basics,
Touhou is a Doujin Bullet Hell shmup series and 2-d fighting game series on the pc with many official manga spinoffs. The Touhou series has a strong cast of many female characters, with a few males popping up in the doujins. All characters in the games rely on spellcards for most of their attacks.
The creator of these games is Zun, a beer and loli loving man (one of these may not be true). He created touhou cause he loves making music.

Somehow, Touhou caught on and became extremely popular. Many groups remix songs from Touhou, as well as make doujins, both Hentai; that stuff you fap to, and non-H doujins; that stuff you can still fap to but its a bit harder to and leaves an even hollower feeling inside you then from fapping to hentai.

Even with such a strong fandom, it’s still shocking how well made certain works are. Today, I will be covering one of these works, A fan anime project. Lets get stared.

The Touhou Fan Anime, called “A Summer Day’s Dream”, which came out at the end of 2008, tells the story of a typical day in Gensokyo.

Hakurei Reimu, the lazy heroine of the series, is preparing for a party when she realizes her donations box has turned up missing. Being a shrine maiden, no one fucks with your shrine, even if no one ever visits it. Along with her friends, Marisa and Aya, they go out to look for clues to its whereabouts, unaware that others have had their possessions stolen (NOT THE BOOZE MAN! WHY THE BOOZE!)
Now this is only episode 1 of who knows how many episodes. So as far as an introduction to the story, it’s not bad. The plot is set up well and you do get an interest as to why these things are happening. The second episode of this series is coming out some time in the future so we will see how things go.

Artistically, for an indie anime, this is amazing. The style has a nice, simple feel to it, but it lends itself well for the overall feel of the touhou series.

The fighting (or single fight), though quick, was well done. Seeing spells which were originally in 2d being used in a 3d space is always interesting. Overall it was nice, though I REALLY want to see more of their abilities.

Cicadas, Cicadas, WHY THE FUCKING HELL ARE CICADAS IN EVERY FUCKING ANIME!….ya, did i mention there are cicadas in this anime?
For the most part, the sounds sound right (redundancy?). There are a few odd moments, like hearing a flying girl sounding like a jet plane but overall, fire sounds like fire, being in the middle of nowhere sounds like being in the middle, and ya, pretty much good overall.
For the voicing of this episode, everyone plays their parts well, though they have a MOE tone to their voice that I don’t care for. Not bad but when dealing with a game that has no official voices for characters, you can’t really bitch about a character not sounding like how you imagine they would, can you? (looking at you. you know who you are)

closing thoughts.
Just to let everyone know, the anime does take a bit more after the Fandom’s impressions of character then how the characters really are. Some may hate this, some may love this. Just putting that out there now.
Overall I liked it and want to see more.

If you wish to watch the anime for yourself, you can find it on youtube, as well as the trailer for the upcoming 2nd episode for this series.

part 1

part 2

part 3

trailer for ep 2

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8 Responses to Touhou Unofficial Doujin Anime: A Summer Day’s Dream Impressions/review

  1. zekana says:

    This was my first review so tell me if theres anything i should improve on.

  2. Shippo says:

    Dayum I didn’t even catch that bloomer shot

    • zekana says:

      I was trying to find a good action shot during the fight scene but when i paused at that shot, I pretty much had to use it.

  3. joseqq says:

    Will watch for sure, I liked your post, it was entertaining as opposed to most shit posted here 😀

    Cicadas, aren’t they the 1st thing you must have in an anime to show the beginning of summer? Well, that, and the sun, for some reason the sun comes 2nd.

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