Nyan Koi Anime Review Season 1?



Langauge: Japanese/ENG sub

Format: Anime

Length: 12 episodes (24 min each)

Began: 2009

Ended: 2009

Genres: Harem, Comedy, Romance, Not very pervy?


Anyone remember 100 Deeds for Eddie Mcdowd?

Nyan Koi tells the story of your typical highschool guy named Junpei, just trying to make a living. He goes to school, hangs out with friends, has a love interest, and overall has a descent life, even if he can’t see it. Also he accidentally beheaded a cat statue which turned out to have the power to curse people, making who ever is cursed have the power to understand cat’s, as well as turn them into a cat given enough time. In order to stop the curse, the person must help 100 cats with their problems.

Theres just 1 slight issue. Junpei is allergic to cats….ya, who didn’t see that one coming?

Overall, the premise for the series is quite funny and lends itself well to everything that happens. There’s a constant weight to it but it never gets in the way of character developement or anything like that. Hell, it greatly strengthens certain characters. There is a sense they could have done more with it and near the end, there are a few episodes that have plot points that seem…out of place for this type of series.




Since this IS a harem, I’m sure you can figure out the character types here.

You got,

The lead girl who the main character likes but she’s oblivious to his love, even if the ENTIRE FUCKING SCHOOL KNOWS ABOUT IT AND EVEN JOKES ABOUT THEM.

The childhood friend who has come back and after many years, wants a deeper relation with the lead.

The slightly older and slightly more mature but still very much legal for the lead and them to date women. (she’s my favorite)

The girl who everyone mistakes for a guy who has a moe side.

Lolita Looking Twins…(one of them being my second favorite character)

Then you have the lead Junpei, who, seeing as this is a harem, is the catalyst for a good chunk of the humor. He’s dense when it comes to love, quick to anger, and has the power to make all women around him fall for him just by being open with his feelings around them (which is probably more truthful than we men realize)

And seeing as the lead can understand cats, I’ll give my thoughts on the cats too.

What I like about the cats is how things are different from their perspective. An owner putting a cat on a diet is like torture to them or how it’s like being abused when someone plays with them a little too roughly. Sadly these interactions don’t come up often enough and its a shame with the premise of this series.

Also, nearly all cats are stuck up little pricks…probably how cats are in real life too so points there.

Overall, I like the characters but it felt like there were many missed opportunities with some of them. Just more background about them or more alternate view points would have been nice.




Art wise, the series looks fine. Everything looks how it should and overall there’s nothing really bad about it.

Animation wise, again, everything looks fine. There are some action bits later on that look awkward compared to the rest of the animation but even then, it’s still alright.




I did watch this in japanese. I do plan on watching this series in english though.

I felt each voice actor played their character well. no one really excelled at it but it felt like everyone was giving it their all and was having fun. No complaints.

Music: its alright. nothing blew me away. not a fan of the opening/ending songs. (look at bottom for opening and endings)

7/10 nothing wowed me about it.


Final thoughts

I laughed hard at many of the jokes and situations in this series. This show is at its best with physical humor and has some nice word play jokes. I greatly liked the character interactions and how whenever their was a conflict, the characters would resolve it and not have it drag on.

I really like the fact that, though there were some pervy/ecchi scenes in this series, they weren’t the focal point of the series. They were there as some fanservice bits but they also served a purpose, unlike many other series which i greatly dislike for doing the opposite (fuck you highschool of the dead anime. your manga was fairly good but your anime sucks)

Trust me, your cleavage is curing me of all of my disea…well there goes my kidneys

By far not the greatest series out there ever, but this is a fun show if you have an afternoon to kill.

Final Score


Felt there were some missed opportunities with the love interests stories and the cats but again, this is a fun series that you should watch. You will laugh with some of the humor.

If there is to be a season 2, i would very much hope that these issues will be fixed.



About zekana
I like anime, manga, and videogames. I also like perverted things and am very much a pervert. also an atheist....

2 Responses to Nyan Koi Anime Review Season 1?

  1. DavetheZombie says:

    Yeah, I think I felt the same way about Nyan Koi. Pretty enjoyable show, but nothing too spectacular. I have doubts there would be a season 2 any time soon.

    • zekana says:

      enjoyable, but nothing too spectacular is the best way to discribe it.
      I am interested in the manga but i get the impression it isn’t much better.

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