Pictures from AX ’11

I have finally returned from a 4 day journey with Anime Expo. Meeting new awesome people, and checking out some pretty neat panels. Nevertheless, I did stop by to take some pictures. If you’ve noticed, some of the cosplayers aren’t exactly posing for me. And I can explain that it’s for 1. Because asking every cosplayer I came across to pose is a hassle, and 2. There weren’t that many interesting cosplayers so I just took some pictures of whatever I found was already posing. Anyhow, click for the pictures after the jump:

Crowd of people at AX. Very crowdy at the convention hall.

Xeriko (left) and Me (right) chilling at AX

Perfect Timing

Uh, I think this is from Macross? Not sure.


Dr Horrible in the flesh!

Danbo cannot compute.

So who's the emo kid next to Morrigan?


Please save Mami Morning Rescue!


The complete cast of Madoka

Can't imagine standing in the heat in that suit

Minecraft d00d, just chillin out.

I still believe Chrona is a guy

Some Anya cosplay.

Funimation employee promoting new Last Exile

No idea who these bitches are dressing up as

This was an actual moving R2D2, controlled remotely by its creator nearby. Fuckin neat.

Blue Exorcist cosplay people standing around

The Pokemen return...

Funimation booth

Transformers: Cosplay in disguise

Katanagatari cosplay. Wait, people actually watched this show?

Big ass Gundam. Just cause.

Pricey as hell gundam figures

The NIS Booth

Some animu posters I decided to take a pic of

Some animu car at the Expo hall

People cosplaying as Sailor Moon in this day and age? Whaaaaaat?

Don't fuck with the witch.


And everyone leaves Anime Expo for the last time this year.

The Ed Elric, Gurren Lagann head, Gundam, and Eva figure I bought this year. The bigger Gurren lagann model and Dokuro Chan figure I bought last year.

So that’s about most of the pictures I took this year. The rest are either too blurry to see or too dark, either way, they didn’t come out too well. I also would’ve taken more pictures, but to be honest, there wasn’t that much great cosplay this year. Kinda disappointing. I’ll write up a post sometime this week on the panels and my experience at AX this year.


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I watch anime on nearly a daily basis. I also try to read some manga every now and then.

5 Responses to Pictures from AX ’11

  1. catchercatch says:

    I should have gone. I heard that the panels (especially the visual novel ones) were ::awesome::.

  2. zekana says:

    “No idea who these bitches are dressing up as”
    I hate you dave. I really hate you. unless you’re being funny.
    ONEPIECE! WATCH IT! or read.
    from left to right,
    Aokiji, Akainu, Kizaru (all admirals), Tobi (sailor), Perona (fruit user), and Boa Hancock (queen)

  3. sudatama says:

    Oh Dave, you so funneh. People watch Katanagatari. It’s Fumoffu no one watches. I still don’t like cosplay. Unless it’s Morning Rescue.

  4. zekana says:

    also, HOLY CRAP YOU ARE TINY DAVE. Or is Xeriko really tall? was he the one who said he was 6’2 too?

  5. lerxst2112 says:

    You know what? I’m going to do the same thing when I go to AWA, but only shitty cosplays. Cause that is what AWA is full of

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