Moe Crawlies

One of the best things that make up anime and manga is moe. Or more specifically, moe anthropomorphism. For example, plane models in Strike Witches or countries in Hetalia. They make them cute and lovable more than you could love it in its object form. What else could they possibly do?

This is Gokicha

Mangaka Rui Tamati personifies a simple cockroach as a small, kind girl who only wants to make friends with humans in a manga called Gokiburi Gijinka. But humans are cruel to cockroaches, so she has to eke out a living without getting crushed by the nearest person.

It’s a really cute manga that’s mildly funny, and given a lot of time, because of it’s lack of releases, can be pretty good.
It’s these kinds of things that make you think about all the times you’ve ever crushed a bug. A bunch of American TV shows and movies have that kind of effect, like Bug’s Life and such. But this manga seems to take the cake since… it’s moe.

Unfortunately, this manga hasn’t really gotten off of its feet. There’s only two chapters, and it’s unknown what magazine it’s being serialized in. It feels like the kind of manga that can be funny, and begs sympathy from the reader, so I’m hoping that it progresses more over time. Give it a read and see how you feel!


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2 Responses to Moe Crawlies

  1. joseqq says:

    So it’s like Ika Musume but a roach instead of a squid? Someone should just step on both of them.

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