Anime OST: Clannad

Clannad Original Soundtrack Cover

Title: CLANNAD Original Soundtrack
Composer: Jun Maeda, Shinji Orito, and Magome Togoshi.
Distributor: Key Sound Label
Release Date: August 13, 2004

The soundtrack of Clannad is one that faintly rings in our ears while we watch the characters in front of us grow and develop beyond belief and supports the characters and scenarios to the best of their potential. The songs of Clannad carry large significance, and with it act as reminders to the listener for past events and characters in the show. All the bases are covered with this soundtrack, from calm intermission, comedic to silly scenes, sustained suspense and action, and above all the dramatic and heartbreaking music.

Warning: Spoilers in track comments.

CLANNAD Original Soundtrack

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Disc 01

Track # Track Name Comment
#04 Machi, Toki no Nagare, Hito The very first piece of music heard in the anime. The show opens up with a blue color tone, and the song instills a feeling of melancholy or despair to the viewer to reflect the feelings of Tomoya as he speaks with his monologue about his unfit and unhappy life.
#05 Nagisa Nagisa’s theme is arguably the most simple piece in the entire soundtrack. It’s composed of a simple sequence of single notes with an even simpler melody in the background up until halfway when more instruments join the pack, and even then the essence of the song remains simple. Despite this, her theme carries the most significance in the show because of Nagisa’s influence on Tomoya’s life. The song acts as a motif throughout the show even when Nagisa is not on-screen. The old song, “Dango Daikazoku,” is what Nagisa’s theme is based off of. As such, the meaning of Dango Daikazoku transposes to Nagisa. Composed by Jun Maeda.
#7, 8 & 9 Etude pour les petites supercordes,
Hurry Starfish
and Kanojo no Honki

The character songs for Kotomi, Fuuko and Tomoyo respectively. Each of them are unique in their own way, but all of them have that sort of bouncy and uplifting tone to them. When heard, it instantly summons thoughts of the characters they belong to, such as the childish acts of Fuuko, or bravery and charisma from Tomoyo.

Disc 02

Track # Track Name Comment
#02 Shionari Shionari’s long and winding tones emphasize the despair that the character goes through due to some sort of increasingly cruel or unfair event, such as Yusuke’s music career, or Tomoya’s realization of Nagisa’s illness
#05 Onaji Takami He Onaji Takami He and the OP song to Clannad ~After Story~ carry the same chord progression and melody. These two songs focus more on the romance aspect of Clannad, and the love between Tomoya and Nagisa, rather than the sadness and drama of what they go through.
#06 Negai ga Kanau Basho The overall tone of this song is mixed. Rather than focusing on the pure sadness and despair that you would usually hear from other songs in this soundtrack, Negai ga Kanau Basho seems to instill a feeling of innocence and pureness from the character. In the two scenes that stand out the most with this song, Nagisa, Tomoya’s father, Tomoya and mostly Ushio go through their catharsis. So rather than emphasizing sadness, the mood is almost uplifting in a way that their emotions are being purified in one way or another.
#14 Negai ga Kanau Basho Think of everything that Negai ga Kanau Basho gave us, but brought to an even higher level than that using a more instruments rather than the simplistic orgel sounds from the first version.
#16 Nagisa (Saka no Shita no Wakare) Starting off with a cut from Nagisa from disc one, Saka no Shita no Wakare does the exact same thing that Nagisa does and carries its significance and motif. However, halfway through the song, where the original would have gone through coda and repeat, this one breaks off into a larger and much more dramatic spin. The placement of this song is during Nagisa’s passing away. While it is playing, Tomoya and the viewer witness countless flashbacks of Nagisa in the past with Tomoya. This song expresses Nagisa’s disappearance with it’s intentional break-off from the first song, and it’s echoing and shifting tones held throughout.
#17 Chiisana Tenohira Following the same progression as Nagisa, Chiisana Tenohira starts off slow and literally far-off. Very soon does it break off from the pattern and drift into its own song, still loosely following Nagisa. Played during with the conclusion of After Story, Chiisana Tenohira is orchestral and booming, wrapping up all the past sadness and despair from the cast, providing the scene with what can truly be called a happy ending.

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