Anime Movie Friday #8: The Android Cafe Edition + a small update

Update part first. The Midyear special is in the process of being edited by Gabe so keep a lookout for that sometime this week. As for the AMF shows, episode 7 for The Girl Who Leapt Through time was recorded last night. However, I have been extremely busy lately and have not been able to do the times for the Princess Mononoke show. I will be doing the times tomorrow night for both episode 6 and episode 7 so expect to see those three podcasts out this week. Sorry for the delay. Its been a rather busy couple weeks for us here at Anime Afterlife.

Now lets get down to business. Anime Movie Friday episode 8 will be recorded this Friday. The movie for episode 8 will be:

Eve no Jikan

A majority of us on episode 7 of AMF wanted to watch this film and from what I read it seems to be an interesting premise and also seems to be pretty popular and enjoyed so I am definitely looking forward to watching this movie. So if anyone is interested in being on episode 8 of Anime Movie Friday and watching Eve no Jikan, contact either Dave or I on Skype or leave a comment.


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One Response to Anime Movie Friday #8: The Android Cafe Edition + a small update

  1. kate says:

    It looks weirdly adorable … n_n …

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